My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Gelber - “The vast majority of tax cuts (under Bush) went to special interests, select corporations, and our most privileged and wealthy citizens. They gave the wealthy and most powerful the vast majority of your tax breaks and gave everyone else a few crumbs and told them they've been to the party.”
 Dan Gelber - “Once you start asking public school teachers to instruct on matters of religion in science classes, you're in trouble.”
 Dan Gelber - “By the majority resolution, we will be disenfranchising every voter who went to the polls in the state of Florida. This does nothing but jeopardize the process... and (we) declare ourselves the paramount authority just as the United States Supreme Court considers these very same issues.”
 Dan Gelber - “Anyone watching this video can see that the child was very, very ill. This is not a kid who needed an attitude adjustment, this is a kid who needed medical attention.”