My Favorite Quotes
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 Sarah Gellar - “It's been hard to be a show in L.A. and be trendsetting, because the fashions are in New York... Not to mention that most actresses are all, give or take, the same size, between five-two and five-five, and 95 to 125 pounds.”
 Sarah Gellar - “Japanese horror is different. It messes with your head.”
 Sarah Gellar - “This being a teen idol is what I've waited for my whole life.”
 Sarah Gellar - “I don't understand why James Bond has to be a man all the time. When Pierce Brosnan retires, why not one of us”
 Sarah Gellar - “As a teen-ager growing up there weren't things to watch,”
 Sarah Gellar - “On marrying Freddie Prinze Jr He grew up with women so he leaves the toilet seat up.”
 Sarah Gellar - “How can women be as thin as we are We have personal trainers to work us out. We have specially prepared meals.”
 Sarah Gellar - “People stereotype pop stars, but Christina Aguilera proves them wrong with her unique style and talent.”
 Sarah Gellar - “On kissing Cruel Intentions co star Selma Blair It was a great kiss. It even had a saliva trail.”
 Sarah Gellar - “Just because you donate sperm does not make you a father. I don't have a father. I would never give him the credit or acknowledge him as my father.”
 Sarah Gellar - “If ever I were to read a comic book, it might be this one.”
 Sarah Gellar - “I have no idea what my body feels like when it's not bruised, sore of stiff...”