My Favorite Quotes
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 Andi Mallarangeng - “The President has high regard for the rights of legislators and the House of Representatives.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “The suspension was issued following a letter of request from the Minister of Home Affairs dated Sept. 6.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “When the session resumes on January 25th, we only have three days...that is too short a time to resolve all the issues.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “When the session resumes on January 25th, we only have three days...that is too short a time to resolve all the issues,”
 Chen Geng - “Chinese oil enterprises practice win-win and mutual benefits. Only by complying with this principle, could the enterprise do well its relationship with the local government, local people and the competitors.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “Many people called me early in the morning and asked when I could give them a ride in a Jaguar sedan.”
 Chen Geng - “We are going to sign three agreements tomorrow Tuesday afternoon, and the next day we will make an announcement.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “The president also wants to make sure that our legal justice system, our criminal system is working, that they can work and function as it should be in investigating this case.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “The president instructed all government institutions and all government officials to cooperate and also to help in assisting the police investigate this case.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “The President said that it shall not be considered a solitary case and asked the National Police chief to investigate the case of forced prostitution and other related cases.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “I think the delay will make many people nervous. They are asking what is going on.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “The state guarantees the freedom of its citizens to practice their religion and also guarantees that they can conduct religious rituals,”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “The president will visit Bali to calm down the people who are once again rocked by bomb explosions,”
 Chen Geng - “We won't miss out on good opportunities to acquire and expand our international business, but we won't be reckless and hasty in our moves to buy assets.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “The president has received credible intelligence information from the National Intelligence Body that there has been an attempt by a certain group which would endanger the safety of Mr President and his family.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “We just want Australia to be fair, like what they do with Middle East asylum-seekers.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “BIN has explained openly that a serious threat, even a threat of assassination (of state or political figures) or any other methods had been made.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “We don't work to get a Nobel or any other prize. But we'd be very delighted with any appreciation of our work.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “The government's aim in carrying out duties is not for the Nobel or other awards. But if there is appreciation (for the work), we will be glad.”
 Andi Mallarangeng - “If there is no breakthrough and the talks are still deadlocked, I am afraid the January 28 deadline for the passage of the (political) laws will not be met.”