My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Genovese - “I think in a way he's a one-trick pony, and I don't mean to say that to demean him. Bush has self-selected security as the issue on which he is identified, and everything else really matters much less to voters and everyone else. He's got that one issue and he's going to rise or fall on the basis of that.”
 Tammy Genovese - “The single night concert ticket option has proven to be very popular. This is a great option for music lovers who cannot spend all four days at CMA Music Festival but want to experience a night of fantastic musical performances.”
 Tammy Genovese - “Music education in the public schools is where it all begins.”
 Tammy Genovese - “Thousands of fans travel from all 50 states and more than 20 countries to Nashville for CMA Music Festival each year. With 'The Road to CMA Music Festival,' we are taking some of our brightest stars directly to the fans so they can experience for themselves the powerful relationship between our fans, the artists and the music. And of course, we want them to join us in Nashville in June to experience the Festival on a large scale, too.”
 Tammy Genovese - “While it is too early to comment on an idea that isn't fully developed, CMA is always willing to entertain opportunities to partner with the city of Nashville and enhance the future of CMA Music Festival.”
 Michael Genovese - “This speech gives him a venue to turn things around, and it's important, but events are more important. Bush has been losing the battle for the agenda and the perception battle.”
 Michael Genovese - “The Reagan legacy is very vulnerable because George W. Bush has embraced it so wholeheartedly. Bush is the model, not the father, of the legacy. So much of the Reagan legacy is dependent on the Bush legacy.”
 Tammy Genovese - “The CMA Awards are among the most coveted honors for Country radio stations and personalities. We introduced our online submissions process two years ago to make it easier for all our member stations to participate, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”
 Tammy Genovese - “CMA established the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1961, and it is truly our format's ultimate honor. We are proud to continue support of the Museum, which not only displays the Hall of Fame plaques, but also showcases and archives unique country music artifacts in addition to providing outstanding educational opportunities about our musical format.”
 Stacy Genovese - “Some of the controls are built into these LCD screens, like changing the radio station or changing your climate control. So you have to remember to keep your eyes on the road.”
 Stacy Genovese - “The Firefly was a favorite among our kid testers. It carries 22 phone numbers in its address book and has two buttons right on top. One is for mom and and one is for dad.”