My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Edgens - “It's very hilly. There isn't a good location (there) for a school.”
 Joe Edgens - “That's kind of the catch-all. I hate to reduce that too much.”
 Peter Plagens - “It's like having a little tape recorder in your head that is playing at an incredibly high speed at an incredibly low volume. A little voice telling you about all the things you'd seen and considered, and your thoughts, and you just want to get them out of your head. They can tend to get into your work.”
 Frank Gens - “It's an ocean liner. You can't turn it rapidly.”
 Frank Gens - “He paid a visit there we have 20 analysts there. And our model there is users per household.”
 Peter Plagens - “I like touch. I like to make twists and turns -- but I don't want (my paintings) to be too elegant.”
 Connie Gens - “For families, it's a grieving process. They are losing the person they used to know. They need security and reassurance. We try to make the situation as positive as possible. Families become as big a part as the resident himself.”
 Dave Jurgens - “It helped keep the cost of the plant contract down, but it was also seen as a more efficient way to do business. It made more sense to bid out the road-building package to a company that builds roads, rather than keep it in the bid to a company that builds plants.”
 Dave Jurgens - “This gives us a green light from the Army Corps of Engineers on every piece of this project.”
 Frank Gens - “The companies that can quickly adapt their business models, product and service offerings, and industry relationships to meet the industry's changing dynamics will be the ones to succeed in the long run. And with all these changes taking place, the companies that stay too close to their comfort zone will most likely get swamped by the innovators.”