My Favorite Quotes
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 Brent Gentry - “I met Coach (Jerry) Kill the first week he was here. He fit the mold of Southern Illinois, but he was coming into a tough situation with the football team. So, I thought this would be a way to help him with the football program.”
 Jackie Gentry - “I'd been talking about it for a long time.”
 Brent Gentry - “Last year, some of the money went toward their conference title rings. They use the money for many things - maybe a meal on the road. It's just a way to help the team.”
 Andy Gentry - “(On Friday), he said his arm hurt. But he was ready to pitch today.”
 Jackie Gentry - “These guys seem to appreciate what I've done. I can't pay a whole lot in wages at the restaurant, but at least I can provide a clean living place.”
 Craig Gentry - “I hit it decent, I just got a little under it, but it just got up in the wind and it just carried.”
 Craig Gentry - “I thought it was Ball Four and that it hit my jersey. At first I was kind of mad, but then I saw fast ball and got lucky and hit it and the wind was blowing out.”
 Alvin Gentry - “For the most part, you just have to fight through it mentally. Once you do that, you can deal with the physical part. . . . But I think Mike really has a great feel for when guys really need to work and when they need to save their legs. That helps us tremendously.”
 Andy Gentry - “Brian was ready for this game. We didn't let him pitch against them when we faced them earlier this year. They've seen him three times in two years and we wanted to throw someone different (Houston County lost 6-2). We wanted their first look at him to be here and he pitched a great game.”
 Brent Gentry - “Everyone is invited out for the weigh-in. It's a great opportunity for the public to come out and meet the football team's coaches and players.”
 Andy Gentry - “That was great tonight, wasn't it We really challenged our kids. (Thursday) night against Lee County, it was a very emotional game that went down to the last inning.”
 Alvin Gentry - “I don't know if there's another guy that you could say 'Well, he guarded Yao Ming and then the next night he guarded Tony Parker. I don't know if there's anyone who asks a guy on their team to do as much as we ask Shawn to do.”
 Alvin Gentry - “Every night, you can pencil in 20 and 10, and now all of a sudden you can pencil in 25 and 11. That's a pretty big jump for a guy that's already putting up massive numbers.”
 Alvin Gentry - “Dan's high school used to have this shirt that said 'organized chaos,' and that's pretty much what it is. There's a method to what we're doing, and Steve is great at reading situations and creating opportunities for guys.”
 Janice Gentry - “If this goes over well, we'll probably make this an annual event.”
 Alvin Gentry - “Eddie House missed some shots that he's going to make. I thought he did a good job (running the offense). He's got to slow himself down a bit and let people get into position.”
 Janice Gentry - “This is a good way to learn about our musical culture in a fun way. There will be a song contest where we play old records from the 1950s, '60s and '70s, and people will guess the song name and artist. If we get enough people interested, we may even have a dance contest where people can do the Twist or the Mashed Potato.”
 Alvin Gentry - “They'd come in and he'd already have a full sweat going. He definitely set a tone going into training camp.”
 Craig Gentry - “He was hitting his spots real well and executing his pitches real nicely. I thought he had a great outing, kept them off-balance, and pitched really well for us.”
 Jackie Gentry - “They're strictly on a week-to-week basis. If they do something, they're out. I won't tolerate it. I'm strictly against drugs and alcohol. I work with them all the time. It isn't hard to tell if somebody's using.”
 Andy Gentry - “When you have a big game, the tendency is to have a down game the next day. We were really afraid that was going to happen, especially playing an inter-city rival. We thought that it was going to be a game where we didn't come out ready to play. We didn't get home until 11 last night. The table was set for us to have an off night.”