My Favorite Quotes
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 Gregory Geoffroy - “Any time you have items budgeted on funds that are there for only one year, but you know next year you are going to have to pay for them, you have got to figure out where the money is going to come from, ... We were very, very grateful for the money we received, but the way it came has created some internal budget challenges.”
 Gregory Geoffroy - “He sees this as an opportunity to elevate the Iowa State athletic program to a higher level, and he has great momentum and a great foundation to build upon.”
 Gregory Geoffroy - “Iowa's doing a great job bringing young people to the state, but we don't have the number and kind of jobs to keep them here,”
 Gregory Geoffroy - “I have not had anyone make that kind of contact.”
 Gregory Geoffroy - “Sounds like what we've got tonight is a little bit of Hilton Magic (here tonight). I can tell you that I am absolutely delighted at the outcome.”
 Gregory Geoffroy - “He shares the vision that I have to elevate the overall athletics program at Iowa State and to increase resources and make Cyclone athletics great,”
 Gregory Geoffroy - “I get advice in all directions from people with an interest in Iowa State. A lot of opinions come my way, but look at the track record of the athletic department - it's in great financial shape and the National Cyclone Club membership is up.”
 Gregory Geoffroy - “I believe the decision to continue to work with ISU Dining is the right one, from both a financial standpoint and the demonstrated ability to serve our Iowa State students well and enhance the student experience at Iowa State.”