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 George Karl - “Our bench is doing a good job responding right now. We're spacing and passing the ball better. You're not going to lose many games when you have 30-plus assists.”
 George Karl - “Defensively, we were good enough to win and it seems like our karma has changed and we are winning games.”
 George Karl - “My history says I don't like suspending players, especially players who can help me win games. I don't like doing it. It's not in my philosophy.”
 George Karl - “I was a little disturbed if we were playing small why we should give up threes. And their gas tank was probably a little fuller than ours.”
 George Karl - “We have a big game coming up against Memphis on Monday. I enjoy those games because we seem to get up for big games. Winning that game could give us a tiebreaker situation at the end of the season, and we may need it at the end.”
 George Karl - “We definitely had a breakdown on that last play. We had a foul to give and we talked about doing that. Miller and Buckner were kind of hanging out and they lost Harris. Two of our best defenders got picked.”
 George Karl - “Ray was in the zone. I've been on the good side of that. Tonight I was on the bad side.”
 George Karl - “Ray was in his zone. I've been on the good side of that and tonight I was on the bad side. He had a special rhythm going and I know many shots he just shot over the top of us.”
 George Karl - “I wasn't really happy how we played in the first half. We made them really good. We didn't pass the ball well and forced shots.”
 George Karl - “I think it'll be good for him to be in the gym and be around players. I'm a little worried that he thinks he might be Superman.”
 George Karl - “For six weeks, two months he was making his outside jumper about as good as anybody on our team and maybe the best in the Western Conference for a three man. He was shooting the (heck) out of it. Now he's kind of lost that.”
 George Karl - “The pep talk was good. I was fired up. I told them some stories (Karl told the players) how your greatest revenge is your own success and just some stories about everybody is going to be traded. Everybody is going to be fired. That doesn't mean you don't feel juiced and committed to spank the team that let you go.”
 George Karl - “Doug, he's the best of keeping life at a level of happiness and spirit of 'everything's going to be great.' And you need it,”
 George Karl - “Pat Riley has lost three of four in the first round. I guess Rivers has got to study history a little more.”
 George Karl - “I'm about 75 to 80 percent now. But I'm getting better. I hope to be about 100 percent by the start of September.”
 George Karl - “It was one of those special fourth quarters. Offensively, we rode a horse, and Miller was the horse.”
 George Karl - “Melo is on a great run right now. Since the All-Star break, he's had a run of about 12-13 games that's he's played great. Sometimes we need him to rebound a little bit better, but he's our guy at the end of the game and he's our horse on offense.”
 George Karl - “This is our place, our house, our building. We let too many teams come in and do similar things (as Milwaukee did).”
 George Karl - “This is an internal matter that we will deal with in-house.”
 George Karl - “A great player made a great shot. Our guys played great. They played hard but we got hurt on rebounds.”
 George Karl - “That would have been irresponsible. He could have gone back in and gotten hurt.”
 George Karl - “Kaman to me looked like he was hurt. He didn't seem like he had good bounce to anything.”
 George Karl - “Carmelo was incredible. It shows that when he makes his jump shot he's very difficult, if not impossible, to cover.”
 George Karl - “The man had a fantastic game, it's just a shame he didn't get rewarded with a win. His efficiency was great. I think what you saw tonight is when he makes his jump shot, he's pretty difficult, maybe impossible, to cover by one guy.”
 George Karl - “I don't think I was as vocal with the four-letter words as I normally am, but I still got a few in there.”

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