My Favorite Quotes
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 Richard Gephardt - “We're not playing games here.”
 Richard Gephardt - “Government needs to act in the name of their safety,”
 Richard Gephardt - “A short-term solution would be to have the federal government respond to charges of price-gouging,”
 Richard Gephardt - “It reveals that the tax cut is so big it gobbles up virtually the entire available surplus, forcing cuts in vital programs like Medicaid and the State Children's Health Program.”
 Richard Gephardt - “Instead of providing new ideas or honest answers to the economic downturn we are facing, Bush and Cheney offered empty rhetoric and blamed others for the recession.”
 Dick Gephardt - “We obviously should pass a resolution by saying that we stand behind the troops. I would hope that we do not take up impeachment until the hostilities have completely ended.”
 Dick Gephardt - “I hope we can get back to what I call the kitchen table, ... Everyday issues that people are really worried about and focused on.”
 Richard Gephardt - “Look, he's got the House, he's got the Senate, ... He can do whatever he wants. I mean, the bulk of the people in the Republican Party would like to have a 2 trillion tax cut. I'm worried it'll be a 3 trillion tax cut.”
 Richard Gephardt - “will sign whatever bill we're able to send him. He obviously supports the Republican version of the bill in the House. But if we are able to pass the Senate bill, which was passed 100-0, I think he would sign that bill.”
 Dick Gephardt - “You need to tell what happened in the House--the drug companies wrote the bill, and they wouldn't even let us bring up our alternative. It's a total capitulation to special interests Keep going.”
 Dick Gephardt - “In November, Al Gore will be elected president of the United States and we will take back the House,”
 Dick Gephardt - “How can we decide on the fairness of the process without determining what is in the interviews, grand jury testimony and boxes of documents that, for totally unexplained reasons, the Independent Counsel withheld”
 Dick Gephardt - “I think when everything is finally considered I'll have a lot of support -- strong support -- not only from labor unions but from working people.”
 Richard Gephardt - “You had a case in the Senate where we knew we had a plume had gone up. We had a letter that had the material in it. So you knew these people were exposed. There was not an understanding last week that the people in the post office were exposed. And so maybe in a way, we are all having to learn about something we don't know enough about, but I think now people see the need to err on the side of caution.”
 Dick Gephardt - “I hope we can get back to what I call the kitchen table. Everyday issues that people are really worried about and focused on.”
 Dick Gephardt - “This President is a miserable failure.”
 Richard Gephardt - “I feel strongly that we need to try to use the same process of collaboration and communication that we have on terrorism to fight the recession and get the economy going for long-term growth.”
 Dick Gephardt - “I've thought a lot about the world and how George Bush sees the world and it ain't even close.”
 Dick Gephardt - “Never has so much been done, in so little time, to help so few.”
 Dick Gephardt - “We have a big job of reconciling the people in Iraq. We need to pull together that international coalition that we should have gotten together a long time ago,”
 Richard Gephardt - “Our bill recognizes that we are in a period of economic uncertainty, so we give people immediate tax relief, which we think will help them get through this uncertain time,”
 Dick Gephardt - “To beat George Bush , we need a leader who can go toe-to-toe with George Bush in these difficult, dangerous times on national security, toe-to-toe,”
 Richard Gephardt - “In order to address this problem we need a balanced program, ... The program we are announcing today, we feel, is that balanced program. We have worked hard to roll out a set of policies that will address our short and long-term energy needs.”
 Richard Gephardt - “We are wasting time again today working on a bill that has been vetoed and will never see the light of day,”
 Dick Gephardt - “free and fair trade ... policies that raise standards so that everyone does better.”

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