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 Martin Gerber - “I don't think it's that big of a deal. Of course, I want to be the guy in the net, but at the end of the day, you have to win hockey games.”
 Martin Gerber - “There's something over 20 games left. That's all we have to focus on. At the end we want to be up top. That's our goal. We just have to go game by game.”
 Martin Gerber - “When you're down two goals, you don't want to start a period like that.”
 David Gerber - “Though a story about how terrorists manage to slip into the U.S. and carry out assaults might be the stuff of a typical Hollywood thriller, the wounds on the national psyche have been too painful for producers to touch. It's just been too sensitive, ... It's a great story, but (the networks) were not sure how it could be handled in a proper manner.”
 Rande Gerber - “Everyone was interested, but it seemed like our hotel would end up as just an amenity in a 4,000-room resort. It wouldn't really be ours.”
 Jim Gerber - “The goal has always been to be more inclusive of all information.”
 Rande Gerber - “I thought it would be kind of funny to do that. An artist from Holland designed them.”
 Bill Gerber - “With her heart set on landing the part of Daisy Duke, Simpson beat out Britney Spears for it. By the time Spears read for the role, the Dukes folks were already in like with Jessica, ... We tested a ton of girls, and we had interest from some pretty big people. But everything about Jessica screamed Daisy Duke.”
 Martin Gerber - “You just have to be patient and keep working hard. Today we had a good practice. We'll be ready.”
 Rev. Gerber - “There's an ancient mosaic called the Tree of Life. All religions are branches of one tree.”
 Martin Gerber - “It was wild in the third period. They have some much firepower up front. We played smart and I was able to see the shots. ... We played simple hockey. I think we played a very good road game.”
 Martin Gerber - “It was wild there the last few minutes. The goal was just unlucky, it took a bounce and caught me on the wrong side. At least we scored at the end, that's the important thing.”
 Rande Gerber - “It's not about lending a name to a project. It's truly creating a vision we've had for years. We have a substantial amount of our personal income in this.”
 David Gerber - “I think it's indicative of people changing their personal priorities.”
 Emily Gerber - “I do feel special. How many people can say they've been to the state tournament two years in a row”
 David Gerber - “It's a human story, a tragic story and, in some ways, an inspirational story. These people were unbelievable.”
 Michael Gerber - “The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing.”
 Rande Gerber - “The design of the restaurant, lounge and rooftop bar will incorporate the glamour and excitement of Madrid with the richness of cutting edge design. As with all of our properties, we will work to create a unique vibe in our lounge and roof deck, and implement an international mix of music.”
 Rev. Gerber - “I think that in the United States, we tend to brand people as terrorists. Palestinians are nothing but hospitable, gracious, friendly (and) easy people to be with. It's one of those modern mysteries of life ... how we judge people from other countries.”
 Rev. Gerber - “We decided there needs to be more dialogue in the Middle East. The Jewish Federation (of Eastern Connecticut) suggested a trip.”
 Martin Gerber - “He (Kwiatkowski) just hammered it in the middle. We thought we scored the game winner (on Adams goal.) It's very disappointing.”
 Rande Gerber - “Las Ramblas is a dream opportunity for George and me and we are both personally investing a significant amount of money in the overall project to make the dream a reality. We have also each committed to buy residential units in the project. We have discussed developing a project in Las Vegas for the past two years and, after considering many opportunities, are excited to build our vision with Related and Centra and contribute to the ever-growing, dynamic city of Las Vegas. With a complex of buildings situated in an environment unlike any other built in Las Vegas, we are excited to add a new dimension to the city's sophistication and glamour.”
 Martin Gerber - “We knew they were a desperate team. This is their last chance to make it. I thought we were confident going into the game. We lost a little step in the first period. Things just didn't go our way.”
 Emily Gerber - “It was pure luck. I felt real relaxed, real comfortable out there from the start.”
 Rip Gerber - “The software, or at least the API will eventually become open source. In an open system, what will drive the market is user experience. People will say 'I love this device' and it will be software that provides this experience.”

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