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 Dr. Gerberding - “Our current situation now is not a good situation. We have these ongoing and widespread outbreaks.”
 Julie Gerberding - “People who place large orders for vaccine tend to get preferential treatment by distributors. This is a market distribution problem that's difficult to fix from a government perspective.”
 Dr. Gerberding - “Local public health agencies are the front line in all of this. Preparedness, at its heart, is a local phenomenon.”
 Dr. Gerberding - “Until we have electronic health records, we're going to have to do this the old-fashioned way, by Mom's recall sometimes.”
 Julie Gerberding - “I'm sorry that this is becoming a political issue. This is really a health issue,”
 Julie Gerberding - “What we don't have, and what we hope we never have, is sustained human to human transmission like we do with seasonal influenza.”
 Julie Gerberding - “We've no idea if it will become transmissible from one person to another efficiently, but we've got to take the steps now to get prepared for that.”
 Julie Gerberding - “The specter of pandemic influenza is very frightening to people, ... It does remind people of the importance of influenza as an illness ... and in the long run may result in people being motivated.”
 Julie Gerberding - “It hasn't reached what we call the epidemic threshold status yet, in terms of deaths from influenza-like illness. But we won't be surprised if that happens given the pattern emerging right now.”
 Julie Gerberding - “Rule No. 1 is to isolate people who are infected so they don't infect anyone else.”
 Dr. Gerberding - “We have no information to suggest any problem with the vaccine.”
 Julie Gerberding - “Lots of people are at risk. It's not too late to get vaccinated, ... And we really want people to keep looking for vaccine, to contact the providers.”
 Julie Gerberding - “We also have a public health system that's been gearing up for terrorism and other threats, and really stood pointed and ready to engage in this effort.”
 Julie Gerberding - “These data indicate that the magnitude of the problem is larger than we once thought,”
 Julie Gerberding - “The best protection against the mumps is the vaccine. We have seen that work successfully in the past. So we hope that will be successful this time.”
 Julie Gerberding - “We expect more cases - definitely. We really can't predict at this point of time where the virus will go next.”
 Julie Gerberding - “One of the advantages we have is that of time,”
 Julie Gerberding - “But any time you have this kind of crowding and people under stress, we have to be concerned.”
 Julie Gerberding - “We expect we'll have time for most people to receive their vaccine.”
 Julie Gerberding - “That's a good thing because it gives us time to get the vaccine out there.”
 Julie Gerberding - “Fortunately, this year the flu season is not off to an early start, and there is plenty of time for people to get their shots,”
 Julie Gerberding - “So we're getting off to a bit of a slow start, ... That gives us a little more time to get those doses out there.”
 Dr. Gerberding - “We're doing the same thing others are doing. We have to look at opportunities for us to invest resources to have the best possible impact and at some programs that have been around for long time that may not be doing as well.”
 Dr. Gerberding - “We know the virus is changing. We're watching little mutations occur all the time -- that's what flu viruses do.”
 Julie Gerberding - “Today, CDC has followed suit and has published the sequence of the virus.”

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