My Favorite Quotes
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 Brad Gerfen - “Over our 21-game season we improved five wins over last season and we had chances to win five other games. It is definitely an improvement but it will take the girls working on things during the summer to continue.”
 Brad Gerfen - “We showed a little composure and the girls were fighting back no matter what. I told them at the start of overtime we were in the same shape we were at the beginning, only a little tired. The kids responded well and we hit some late free throws.”
 Brad Gerfen - “When you give a team that kind of early lead you have to battle back the whole time and it can take its toll. Pleasant is athletic and works hard at the game.”
 Brad Gerfen - “I'm glad it is out of the way. You don't think it is going to bother you but it does. I was part of a great community for 10 years and even farther back than that before becoming a coach.”