My Favorite Quotes
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 Kai Gerkey - “If a patient comes in with chest pains, we'll hook them up for an EKG and do other tests. Patients stay in the emergency room until all tests are finished. We want to make sure a patient is stabilized (before release).”
 Kai Gerkey - “We already have architect drawings and are in the process of raising 8 to 10 million to make the expansion happen.”
 Kai Gerkey - “Without the college, we couldn't grow our own.”
 Kai Gerkey - “The staff will see all patients before the doors are closed for the night. If a community member has to have access to medical care, urgent care is one way.”
 Kai Gerkey - “Urgent care is less expensive and quicker.”
 Kai Gerkey - “Like the rest of us, they believe that if we're going to ask the community to support the campaign, they have to show that they believe in the project and the mission. Our employees have donated over 500,000 toward the campaign. Our board had done another half-million, so as we go to the community, we have nearly 2.5 million already committed. Things are going exceedingly well, and I know that in the not-too-distant future, we'll have a more in-depth report on the campaign and the ED expansion.”