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 Jim Gerlach - “On Jan. 30, millions of Iraqis will cast ballots in the country's first fair and free election in decades, marking continued progress in Iraq's transition toward a country built on the pillars of democracy and freedom for all.”
 Scott Gerlach - “He was absolutely awesome out there. He was blowing the ball past people at times and at the same time he threw a really smart game. He mixed his pitches well and kept them off balance.”
 Jim Gerlach - “Since the events of September 11, we've rightfully changed our military strategy so we're now taking the fight to those individuals who aim to do us harm, rather than waiting for another atrocious attack to happen.”
 Scott Gerlach - “We got a couple of breaks today. We had a couple of balls fall in that might not in other cases. Our guys know they have to swing the bat and run the bases and attack all the time to win.”
 Roger Gerlach - “I think our team is going to show up. I know that's the pat answer, but we're not content. I didn't get that impression at practice.”
 Jim Gerlach - “The transfer is a monumental occasion as the Iraqi people take control of their government and their future and forge ahead with creating a society governed by the tenets of life, liberty and freedom.”
 Jim Gerlach - “In addition, it is very likely that United States action in Iraq caused Iran to open its nuclear facilities for international inspection and suspend its uranium enrichment activities.”

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