My Favorite Quotes
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 Henning Kagermann - “We continued to demonstrate that organic growth is a very effective way to achieve success in this industry, and that it benefits our customers, partners and shareholders.”
 Henning Kagermann - “We are pleased to say that we are off to a good start in 2006 with continued strong growth in software and product revenues for the first quarter.”
 Roger Germann - “One of the unique things that she brings to the ticket is kind of that female, motherly way of looking at things, which is good. She is serious. She's honest. She's outspoken. She can get the job done. She's very, very experienced and qualified. That resonates well with voters.”
 Henning Kagermann - “India is gradually becoming more expensive.”
 Henning Kagermann - “Luckily, I hurt my foot so I had time to go over the proofs.”
 Roger Germann - “You'd don't get appointed head of the State Board of Education as an 'outsider' to the system. He's been at the Republican trough for a very, very long time.”
 Roger Germann - “Rod is worried about votes 20 years ago, but we are about to lose 13 million for traffic safety.”
 Roger Germann - “Correct me if I'm wrong but he's been a player in Republican politics for all those years. He has been at the table for a while.”
 Henning Kagermann - “I would expect that in five years from now we would come close to that coverage,”
 Roger Germann - “He's less than a 1 percent owner in the hotel. These donations were made on behalf of the other organization, which represents the dozens or more officials who are members of that organization this guy oversees.”
 Roger Germann - “I think there are people that are out there that do look at that opportunity to break another glass ceiling. I don't think we play that up. We definitely recognize it, but she's always been one to run on her record, her experience and her vision and ideas.”
 Henning Kagermann - “India is starting to get expensive. We've decided to hire only a certain number of employees there and then to look around for other locations.”
 Henning Kagermann - “Everything that is applicable to consumption can be there for this type of on-demand model.”
 Henning Kagermann - “We see a lot of opportunity for growth -- mostly organic but we will make fill-in acquisitions if we need to buy in certain expertise.”
 Roger Germann - “I think the voters get it. They appreciate someone who is willing to do some tough love.”
 Henning Kagermann - “I'm convinced that she is really the right person for Germany. She's very pragmatic, she can listen, and she is not always talking about these grand visions but about small executable steps. We are very comfortable with her style.”
 Roger Germann - “We will definitely debate the governor, and whether we come up with a number of 10 at the moment or something else, we're definitely looking forward to debating him.”
 Henning Kagermann - “While we are satisfied with the numbers, we are committed to moving even faster and executing even more effectively, ... Competition for Web-based products, particularly in the U.S., has been fierce and we will continue to invest considerable resources to strengthen the mySAP.com momentum.”
 Henning Kagermann - “If SAP is to have a workers council, then it should be a workers council that is representative of the heart of the company. We have a duty to maintain our unique company culture and values.”
 Henning Kagermann - “One reason we don't have so much development in China is obviously that protection of intellectual property is not like in other countries.”
 Roger Germann - “That's fine and dandy if you are a millionaire and can self-fund your own campaign.”
 Henning Kagermann - “We'll never substitute our core business, but on-demand will be an additional revenue stream.”
 Henning Kagermann - “We are dedicated to providing our customers powerful solution offerings that deliver a scalable security backbone to support identity management across evolving corporate and IT landscapes, ... Siemens identity management solution complements our platform and business solutions in order to drive enhanced competitive advantage for our customer base.”
 Roger Germann - “We're not paying too much attention to (the trial) at all.”