My Favorite Quotes
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 George Gero - “We have a good rally going on because of what's going on in Saudi Arabia. It is Friday and nobody wants to be short the gold over the weekend, so up go all the metals.”
 George Gero - “Silver had been less lively than gold (before Wednesday), and now it's doing a pretty good job of a catch-up.”
 Brian Leggero - “It's hard to claim you're fiscally responsible when you raise your hand and vote aye to spending after spending, in support of special interest after special interest. It's also hard to claim you can fix a deficit when all you've brought them here and have no clue how to turn a deficit around.”
 Brian Leggero - “Joe Sosnowski made another quote I no longer work for Buckley Companies, I work for Rockford Christian High School That was before the election. Seems he still works for Buckley Companies and Deceived us. Watch out the great Deceiver Joe Sosnowski”
 George Gero - “The inverted yield curve, which sent the stock market reeling yesterday, made gold one of the few safe havens.”
 George Gero - “There doesn't seem to be an end to the reasons why people want to keep moving into the gold.”
 George Gero - “There are many upward pressures on gold that continue to take it higher, like the deficit, the weakness of the dollar and additional Iran threats. The path of least resistance is up.”
 Brian Leggero - “Be very careful about voting for someone that comes to your town out of nowhere in order to launch a political career at the expense of taxpayers and loyal city residents. Don't believe a deceiver, once a deceiver always a deceiver.”
 George Gero - “Funds are buying gold because they notice the decoupling from the euro and the decoupling from the energy market.”
 George Gero - “It was triggered by the dollar, the yen, and of course the idea of 70 crude. (Higher) oil didn't help the stock market, so investors were looking for another place to put their money and they seem to be looking at the metals.”
 George Gero - “There also is a lot of option-related buying because everything is in the money now.”
 George Gero - “The large funds are long metals of every class and there's been general selling today, which touched off stop-loss orders below the market.”
 George Gero - “We continue to climb in spite of the stock-market rise, all helped by the possibility that the Fed may no longer be continuing its raise (in interest rates). We are waiting to see if in fact that will happen.”
 George Gero - “They actually ran a very good, under CFTC oversight and under exchange oversight, futures business, where all customers were always properly margined.”
 George Gero - “Every time we've had a major pullback, it's been what people would call an opportunity to buy on a dip, You're getting some bargain-hunting in silver and you're getting some bottom-picking in gold.”
 Brian Leggero - “We do not inherit the land from our ancestors we borrow it from our children.”