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 William Gerstenmaier - “We're still going to be able to accomplish our goals for a good station configuration for shuttle retirement. In our schedule and planning we assumed that we'd have some shuttle problems along the way.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “It is our responsibility, individually and collectively, to make good decisions. As engineers, the machines we build can do great things but can also cause great harm.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “We want to get back flying as soon as we can, but we're not overly pressured. We'll do that at the right time. This is a small investment to get back a tremendous capability and that is to complete the International Space Station (and) prepare ourselves for exploration.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “It really makes sense to move to the March timeframe, ... We're looking at the Shuttle missions to support the most robust flight sequence for the Space Station and to make the whole sequence flow better. This extra time helps us make sure that all the work we need to do fits and that there are no other issues.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “Our system today is designed for a maximum of three to six crew, and for six just temporarily.”
 William Gerstenmaier - “It's great that our Russian partners are here to help us during this time. It would never have occurred without the tragedy of Columbia. So out of that tragedy has come a remarkable relationship between our two countries and our two space programs.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “The (Michoud) facility is in pretty good shape. The question is, what does the work force want to do”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “I think it's really wrong to try to pick out one potential root cause and say that's the underlying problem or that's the smoking gun. Foam is very complicated. The failure mechanism is likely some combination of things and it's really wrong to try to pick out one and then try to focus all your efforts on that. That will actually set you 8up for more problems in the future.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “I think it's wrong to take the (May) launch period and speculate whether we will make it or not. That puts schedule pressure on the teams.”
 William Gerstenmaier - “We know that oxygen generating systems in general have had a lot of problems over the years during start-up. We want to fly it early so we can work those out.”
 William Gerstenmaier - “We're going to do the right thing and let the data drive us where we need to go. I think we've got a unique opportunity to get this right.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “We still are going to be able to accommodate the number of flights we need to get the station in a good configuration for the partners.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “We probably won't make the September 22 window.”
 William Gerstenmaier - “We're going to have to make some modifications to the tank, so that probably puts the September (launch) window into a not very likely possibility.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “We don't need to have a flight this spring to make the 19 flights.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “Last week we identified the major areas where foam came off the tank. We are starting to make some sense of the data ... what the mechanism for the foam loss was.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “I think conditions won't be good on the station, but they'll be better than the alternative. We kind of always plan for the worst, but hope for the best.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “In the spirit of cooperation, they are taking the higher ground. They know what occurred with the hurricane. They know what's happening in the bigger sense of things and they're willing to support us.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “We are working through the restrictions with Congress as fast as we can.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “We've been saying for months that our engineering work would determine when we fly our next mission,. Targeting July is the right choice in order to make smart decisions.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “Wayne's qualifications and his ability to perform this job speak for themselves. He has earned a tremendous level of respect from those inside and outside the agency because of his experience and personality. His resume and diverse background are well suited for this role.”
 Bill Gerstenmaier - “Wayne's qualifications and his ability to perform this job speak for themselves,”