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 Louis Gerstner - “Our second-quarter results are right in line with our expectations and with the view we've been expressing since last October, ... Essentially, we've had three quarters of slow revenue growth, driven by a combination of the Y2K slowdown and a series of actions we've taken to improve our business portfolio. During that time, however, we have been able to produce satisfactory earnings growth.”
 Louis Gerstner - “These results show the ongoing strength of our broad business portfolio, ... We saw very good customer response to our new System390 servers and continuing strength in services and hard disk drives.”
 Louis Gerstner - “Business conditions remain difficult as we enter the new year, although we believe that our business will strengthen as we move through the year,”
 Lou Gerstner - “Chapter One (of the Internet) was about e-commerce and e-business. Chapter Two moves us to 'Do it for me'”
 Lou Gerstner - “We're probably about five years into a 30-year cycle of transformation, ... But there is simply no doubt that 25 years from now, when people reflect on the seminal changes of the early days of the century we are about to begin, the impact of networked computing will stand in relief.”
 Louis Gerstner - “We would like to have seen more revenue in the quarter, but we were held back by three items, ... First, demand for our microelectronics products -- from both outside customers and internal IBM customers -- far outstripped our ability to supply components. Second, the upcoming release of our new high-end server slowed demand for the System390 family of servers. Finally, parts of our software business slowed unexpectedly in September.”
 Louis Gerstner - “Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding.”

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