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 Ron Gettelfinger - “On GM possibly offering buyouts to workers We're not considering it at this point in time, ... We're not that far along in our discussions.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “To try to come up with a time frame on where we're headed would be unfair. We're still waiting on the report back from our financial advisers,”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “This is a major move on our part, and it's very difficult and very challenging, ... These are the times in which we find ourselves. We're not hiding from our responsibilities.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “It was a long year. It was probably one of the most painful, excruciating decisions that we ever had to deal with as a union.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “blatant union busting and an insult to every American worker.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “The approach that he has taken is clearly, clearly one of angering the membership, ... But I can tell you one thing He has definitely solidified the rank-and-file of our union.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “Whether or not we can stabilize a situation that's deteriorating, I'm not sure, ... We'll just have to wait and see until what the final analyses are.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “In the last five days, we have successfully concluded negotiations with five of the largest manufacturers in the world, ... That's five in five. What they do and how they do it basically touches everyone worldwide in one way or another.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “He himself (Miller) got a 3 million signing bonus, he gets a 1.5 million salary, he gets 4 million at the end, ... And then you talk about what you want to force down the throat of people who are working for a living.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “We cannot sugarcoat what we're facing as working people and as a nation. These are very serious times, and it is time for us to take very serious actions. If we don't stand up, who will”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “Certainly today's announcement will only make the 2007 negotiations all the more difficult and all the more important.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “I think he is probably using that as a scare tactic to try to make the workers bow to him or something,”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “Make no mistake about it, we will make a big issue out of that in the (bankruptcy) hearings,”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “Those are the very kind of inflammatory statements that really fire up the work force and make people believe that they're not appreciated, ... That is very offensive to people.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “On new GM vehicles keeping plants from closing We're not good at the niche vehicles, ... A hit product can make a huge difference in capacity issues.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “Due diligence is still under way there, so we're not prepared to comment on that,”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the UAW has had to deal with a court-ordered corporate restructuring, and we will vigorously use our experience, expertise, and resources to represent the interests of UAW workers.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “People who live in gated communities in this country need to think about where we're headed,”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “We don't accept the notion that America is a country where a privileged few live well while the rest of us struggle to meet our daily expenses, ... We're going to fight for something better.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “Delphi 's misuse of the bankruptcy procedure to circumvent the collective bargaining process and slash jobs and wages and drastically reduce healthcare, retirement, and other hard-won benefits or eliminate them altogether is a travesty and a concern for every American.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “We have a concern, certainly, ... We would prefer to not see Delphi go into bankruptcy, but it is, as we all recognize, a very difficult and challenging three-party issue there.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “I've got a pretty handy laundry list of items that are of concern to me. I think you probably know what a lot of them are.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “The company said it narrowed the proposed wage cut and called its offer ''competitive.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “On GM's health care costs There are some journalists and pundits that make it seem like health care costs are General Motors' only problem, ... But we don't think it's that simple.”
 Ron Gettelfinger - “UAW-GM active workers and retirees have long enjoyed some of the best health-care coverage of any industrial workers in America,”

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