My Favorite Quotes
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 Reza Ghasemi - “The girls' goal is to get to state, but we need to win one at a time. Every game we play we look at as a playoff game.”
 Reza Ghasemi - “Any time you respond pretty strong, pretty quickly, you're definitely taking away from the opponents.”
 Reza Ghasemi - “Our intention was to get as many goals early in the game. We wanted to take the morale out.”
 Reza Ghasemi - “We're still young. We will have better depth hopefully, and they are one year more familiar with the high school style game. We know we've got talent. The challenge is putting them together and having them gel as a team and perform as a team.”
 Reza Ghasemi - “The pressure is on, no doubt about it. Expectations are high, and we have to live up to the expectations.”
 Reza Ghasemi - “This was a true, total team effort. We have been excelling in short passes from the defense to midfield to offense. We were more patient with our decision to finish. Rachel Wright did a great job penetrating the defense and creating opportunities for others to score.”
 Reza Ghasemi - “As time went on we were able to take control and we controlled the game. We really dominated.”