My Favorite Quotes
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 Yubaraj Ghimire - “This is the only factor that raises the hope that the Maoists would extend the ceasefire.”
 Yubaraj Ghimire - “That will most certainly disrupt the November polls and will also weaken state institutions, which the Maoists want.”
 Yubaraj Ghimire - “An end to the ceasefire would naturally mean resumption of violence. But there is still some hope that the Maoists will continue with their unilateral ceasefire for some time.”
 Yubaraj Ghimire - “Emotions are building up and more and more people are coming out and openly opposing the king.”
 Yubaraj Ghimire - “People are tired of strikes and disruptions. There is a sense of fatigue.”
 Yubaraj Ghimire - “There is likely to be a sharp polarization on whether to retain a ceremonial monarchy or retain the monarchy at all.”
 Yubaraj Ghimire - “This movement has taken on an anti-monarchy dimension. That's a new component of the whole thing.”
 Yubaraj Ghimire - “It was a missed opportunity. He was a royal but he didn't expect to be king, so he was also a commoner. He could have given a new thrust to the monarchy.”
 Yubaraj Ghimire - “They demonstrate their military strength to give a message that their willingness to be part of the (peace) process is not due to weakness.”
 Yubaraj Ghimire - “They haven't come up with a vision for what if the monarchy is abolished. To the extent of opposing the king, the seven parties are together. He is the cement that holds them together. I doubt whether if the king were not there, they would be unified.”
 Yubaraj Ghimire - “This emergency debate is based on political rivalry. They're playing power politics with the emergency.”
 Yubaraj Ghimire - “The gap between the crowd, which is quite ferocious, and the political leaders is wide. They're not quite comfortable facing the crowd and interacting with them.”
 Yubaraj Ghimire - “The king's move meets one important aspect - the end of autocratic rule. Why are the parties not accepting I think they are a bit scared of the crowd because they are not in direct communication with the crowd.”
 Yubaraj Ghimire - “The king has only one choice -- accept the reality and postpone the municipal elections as it alone would create a minimum ground for a dialogue with political parties.”