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 Jason Giambi - “You couldn't ask for a better ending the Yankees and Red Sox for the last three games.”
 Jason Giambi - “We just couldn't seem to get the big hit to break open games.”
 Jason Giambi - “I just saw it pop out of his hand and I said 'I can put this one in play,'”
 Jason Giambi - “I just saw it pop out of his hand, and I said I can put this one in play,”
 Jason Giambi - “I got a gift, he threw me a breaking ball and I just got the bat head to it. I hit it off the pole and Randy made it hold up. This was a big win for us.”
 Jason Giambi - “We'd look around and say the only way we're going to lose is if guys aren't playing because they're hurt.”
 Jason Giambi - “I think I can be a .300 hitter and drive in 100 runs again, definitely. When I had a knee injury (in 2003) I kept playing but I fell into a lot of bad habits. I've worked with Donnie to break those, and I think that hard work paid off last summer. I see no reason why I can't do the things I did before.”
 Jason Giambi - “His stuff is electric. His pitches were explosive. Everything was breaking late.”
 Jason Giambi - “I can't get into specifics. Someday, hopefully, I'll be able to.”
 Jason Giambi - “That was our big theory when I was with Oakland. Run up the guy's pitch counts, 'cause then you get the starting pitcher out of the game in the fifth inning. You're making him throw 100 pitches and he's gone.”
 Jason Giambi - “I'm just swinging the bat and playing the game. I haven't really thought about it. If I'm swinging the bat good, so I don't think it matters where I'm playing.”
 Jason Giambi - “We always believed. We always thought we'd be here in the end and now we're not going to let our comeback be wasted.”
 Jason Giambi - “Thank you for playing. All contestants receive a supply of Turtle Wax car polish. Join us next time.”
 Jason Giambi - “A little surprised, yeah, ... but I've been around Billy Beane a long time. I know at the beginning, he made some moves that weren't very popular, but I understood where he was going. (Tim) Hudson's and (Mark) Mulder's contracts were coming up. The team, the manager, the players have done an unbelievable job.”
 Jason Giambi - “I got those pretty good. It's been a long time since I've hit balls like that. The ball doesn't usually carry here that well.”
 Jason Giambi - “It's been a long time since I hit a ball like that to center.”
 Jason Giambi - “We all knew it was only a matter of time before the offense started to come around. I think guys finally started to relax a little bit. Now we're coming up with that big hit, driving in that big run.”
 Jason Giambi - “He loves the city. He's got that mentality. He knows what he needs to do. He has a good time. But he's pitched some great games at the right time. I think he would fit in well.”
 Jason Giambi - “I love playing in September. This is the fun time of the year, what you play the whole season for. You leave it all on the field, because if you don't play in September, there is no October.”
 Jason Giambi - “This is the fun time of the year. This is what you play the whole season for. ... If you don't play (well) in September, there's no October.”
 Jason Giambi - “I have known him since I was in the minor leagues with the A's. I have had a lot of good times with him.”
 Jason Giambi - “It's just one game. Unfortunately, it doesn't count for all three. It doesn't matter what the score was today if we play bad Wednesday, it washes everything we did good today away.”
 Jason Giambi - “I ran today. I ran around and it felt pretty good.”
 Jason Giambi - “It was a slider that didn't slide, the same pitch he hit off me before. I knew the location of this pitch was trouble when I let it go.”
 Jason Giambi - “There was one kid telling me he was going through all his medications and he couldn't wait to go down and play video games. It definitely gives them something to look forward to.”

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