My Favorite Quotes
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 Charles Giancarlo - “The same technology to stop malicious hosts can also be used to block a server. The Chinese government uses that capability to block servers.”
 Charles Giancarlo - “Cisco has never and will never work with a foreign government of any type for the purpose of restricting political speech.”
 Charles Giancarlo - “Cisco Application Networking Services are network-based technologies for improving the performance of software applications for accessing information, collaborating and communicating.”
 Charles Giancarlo - “It really starts to extend what we call the intelligent information network.”
 Charles Giancarlo - “The Internet and new networking requirements are enough of a disruptor for us to enter a new market.”
 Charles Giancarlo - “Over time we will expand our technology portfolio to better address even more applications-related information technology challenges.”
 Charles Giancarlo - “It will really indicate the power of IP networks to beyond the power of what we're doing today.”
 Charles Giancarlo - “In emergency situations, you have a variety of public agencies involved, and they have incompatible radio systems.”
 Charles Giancarlo - “Our plan is that sometime early next year, we will then start to put this on the Cisco overall price list.”
 Charles Giancarlo - “Certainly Microsoft is going to be a big force in collaboration applications and we are working with them in that area. But in terms of real-time voice and video-based collaboration, where you have to deal with all the issues associated with a pleasant and easy experience with voice and with video, we think that takes a systems company not just a software company to do it right.”
 Charles Giancarlo - “Under command and control, these different radio systems can interoperate with one another.”
 Charles Giancarlo - “Under command and control, these different radio systems can interoperate with one another,”
 Charles Giancarlo - “We are starting from the scratch . In fact the wireless (phenomenon) will have bigger impact in India and China than US as North America is already wired.”
 Charles Giancarlo - “The Cisco Unified Communications system is the first true second-generation Internet Protocol (IP) Communications system providing not just telephone services, but rather a rich communications environment that seamlessly integrates voice, video and data collaboration in one system. It is also the first new Cisco system to fully support Cisco SONA, announced in December 2005. Cisco SONA extends the power of the network to optimize applications, processes and resources to deliver greater business benefits to enterprises. By building on Cisco SONA, Cisco Unified Communications leverages network intelligence to greatly simplify the day-to-day challenges of collaboration with colleagues.”
 Charles Giancarlo - “It's not even born at the federal level. It's born by every individual police department, every individual fire department of every small town, not to mention each commercial organization that would want to do something like this would have to replace all of their radios.”
 Charles Giancarlo - “We haven't announced pricing yet, but I think it's compelling given the alternative. It will probably be about 10 cents to the dollar when compared to replacing radios. That's a bargain.”