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 Gary Giancola - “We're happy with the No. 2 spot and the possibility of hosting a couple of playoff games. We're the defending champs and will have a target on our backs. We need to be ready to carry that.”
 Gary Giancola - “I give Ironwood a slight edge. I admire these kids. They're always working on their game. They've got a good group and can put five quality players on the floor and anyone of them can score when they need a score, or lead them in scoring.”
 Gary Giancola - “We put the game away in the third and cleared the bench in the fourth quarter. Everyone got good minutes.”
 Gary Giancola - “Those threes really got us going. We played pretty well in the second half and got a lot good minutes from our bench.”
 Gary Giancola - “The key was in the first quarter when we got off to such a good start. That got us going.”
 Gary Giancola - “We brought them up to give us energy on the floor. I thought they did a great job in their first varsity game.”
 Gary Giancola - “I thought Mike did a great job running things. The team was more focused and confident with him at the point.”
 Gary Giancola - “We've bonded together as a team. They enjoy being around each other. This time always hurts. You lose that last game. For seniors, especially at this stage, it hurts.”
 Gary Giancola - “We had a really strong third quarter. We were able to get a lot of guys some playing time in both the third and fourth quarters.”
 Gary Giancola - “We've seen all the teams once. We have some of the better teams at home this time. We're looking at that No. 2 seed in the regional.”
 Gary Giancola - “We needed more offense from Cory and he'll do better away from the pressure of handling the ball all the time.”
 Gary Giancola - “The closest game they've had is nine points and they're a senior-laden team. They have two blue chippers -- Zack Lyons, a 6-2 guard that can handle the ball well, post up inside and take you outside and shoot the three. Jay Meyers was the quarterback on their tradition-rich football team. He's 5-11, thick and can score inside and out.”
 Gary Giancola - “We're looking forward to having the opportunity to play for another trip to the sectionals.”
 Gary Giancola - “They called that timeout, and we just didn't have anything left at crunch time. It was obvious to see their rotation of nine (players) was more beneficial than our rotation of six. We didn't have anything left. If we could've gotten the lead at crunch time, they would have had a different look in their eyes.”
 Gary Giancola - “We sustained our intensity for four quarters. We started the same way we did in Glidden, but there we took our foot off the throttle in the second half and just coasted. Last night we concentrated on keeping our intensity up. We had an exceptional third quarter.”
 Gary Giancola - “It was a good first game for us in the tournament. We had some nerves early on. But we got stronger as the game went on. It was a pretty good showing for us all the way around.”
 Gary Giancola - “We were like a rookie teacher with a bunch of nervous kids on a field trip last year. We were sort of overwhelmed by the experience. We've learned from that and know how to prepare better. We need to keep our level of play up where it's been and we'll give ourselves a chance against a very good Glenwood City team.”
 Gary Giancola - “We just needed a time out to settle them down, and remember how we play the game.”
 Gary Giancola - “It's homecoming and I expect us to play with a lot of emotion.”
 Gary Giancola - “Mike really came to play. He had 26 points in three quarters. He's really starting to step up his leadership, starting to play like a very determined senior.”
 Gary Giancola - “I think we match up fairly well against them. They play a style that like we play. They don't race up and down the floor and run-and-gun. They work the possession and take good shots. They have an excellent coach who is Hall of Fame material. They're fundamentally sound and don't turn the ball over. They turned it over only eight times against Grantsburg. We have to play every bit as good as we played Saturday, and we may have to pick that up a notch.”
 Gary Giancola - “I'm confident we can play with them the way we're playing our man defense. These guys have got their sights set on getting to that Kohl Center. They really believe it.”
 Gary Giancola - “Mercer's defense had something to do with that. We had been shooting well. They forced us to a perimeter game and clogged up the lane.”
 Gary Giancola - “I thought we played terrible. The way we've been playing so well, we shot the ball terribly. And then we forgot to play defense. We left our guys too much, we got lazy, we gambled, we weren't disciplined enough on defense.”
 Gary Giancola - “We've been getting good defense from the rest of them, but last night we got the 9s, 7s and 5s in the scorebook that really help us offensively.”

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