My Favorite Quotes
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 Alex Gibney - “But it still serves as a primer for everyone who's watching the trial.”
 Alex Gibney - “It's a very complicated story. It still is, even as the trial approaches. My job was to let everyone in on what was going on. With these types of stories, you can get lost in the details when there is a bigger tale to be told. I felt a film could really do that.”
 Alex Gibney - “Early on, I got very nervous -- I thought I had taken on the wrong assignment. I remember thinking, 'You just signed on to make a film about accounting' -- that's like Rule No. 23b in the filmmaker's handbook Never make a film about accounting.”
 Alex Gibney - “I think myself and a lot of other documentary directors owe a debt to fiction filmmaking. The key was to follow the characters and let the narrative be your guide, without getting distracted by other things. By structuring 'Enron' like a heist film, it enables people to understand enough of the complexity without getting bogged down by it.”