My Favorite Quotes
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 Jon Gibs - “Consumers have clearly indicated that they are eager to control their own music libraries, one song at a time.”
 Jon Gibs - “We're off to a great start in 2006 for broadband events, first with this year's Olympics, and now with March Madness. CBS had a great opportunity to stream out-of- market content to office workers during a high point of the college sports year, and managed to take advantage of the confluence of high consumer interest, great content and the inability of office workers to leave their desks.”
 Jon Gibs - “I thought hard cider was a little unusual. It suggests a younger much younger audience.”
 Jon Gibs - “With people's attention getting pulled into multiple facets of media, NBCOlympics.com made a smart move to provide users a way to plan their TV viewing experience through interactive listings and options, with highlight videos they can watch on their own timeline.”