My Favorite Quotes
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 Rick Gibson - “He's killed us. He's a good player --a real good player. We focused on him the last two days of practice and we still couldn't stop him. My hat's off to him. He had a great three games against us.”
 Greg Gibson - “We played pretty good. I have great parent and coaching staff support. Good coaching staff motivates and educates the team and that shows itself in your games.”
 Jason Gibson - “Will we be a success I don't know. Everybody is going to be skeptical and I don't get into that. As coach, you do one thing You win games.”
 Bob Gibson - “Our focus is to try to connect with and embrace, relive that generation with us.”
 Mike Gibson - “no evidence that I'm aware of that these gentlemen are involved in any kind of terrorist activities.”
 Heath Gibson - “We had one girl injured, one girl sick and two other girls out and that really hurt us.”
 Rick Gibson - “That's a weapon. They don't run it as much these days to just hold the ball, it's more of an offense -- and that's a tough offense. You give them the lead going into the fourth quarter ... a six-point lead is like 15 against a lot of teams.”
 Nancy Gibson - “That's what we're shooting for. States are her goal, and she's going to buckle down and give it her best.”
 Rick Gibson - “We just knocked off one of the best teams on our schedule, and I don't even think we played our best game. We didn't give up. We could have given up. We had plenty of chances to give up. We led for (the last) nine seconds of the game, and that's all that matters.”
 Chris Gibson - “I'm just completely surprised. I think there is no way you can give Pittsburgh an F.”
 Rick Gibson - “I know the kids aren't going to give up, and they didn't. They're competitors, and they're going to compete. It's just we can't dig ourselves a 17-point hole in the first half and beat teams like Alton.”
 Colin Gibson - “Our position is that we take our lead from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Pakistani government and the Pakistan Cricket Board,”
 Douglas Gibson - “This will put us in a strong position to form a government in the city.”
 Ledawn Gibson - “You had so many doubters, all of them saying we couldn't come back. I told them (her players) to hold your head up.”
 Steve Gibson - “We are absolutely speechless. If you wrote a script, you wouldn't believe it. The players never lost any heart and kept going.”
 Daniel Gibson - “I know my Texas history. I'm proud to be part of it.”
 Craig Gibson - “They didn't really threaten a whole lot, to be honest with you. We just pitched well.”
 Scott Gibson - “If you have a 2,000-square-foot house, it probably has room for a small back entry with a bench and coat hooks, ... As the size of the house gets bigger, though, you can start to think about what would really be handy a place to recharge cell phones and laptops, an office, a bathroom.”
 Charles Gibson - “It was bright orange, looming over my house.”
 Matt Gibson - “LaToya wasn't hurt, we just gave her some needed rest.”
 Jason Gibson - “That week off kind of hurt us.”
 Regie Gibson - “Every step of the way, I have the students question an idea, and ask how what we say matches what we do. Students say 'I love America,' but what they should also be saying is 'I love Americans.' It's about bringing the idea back to the people.”
 Brian Gibson - “It's disappointing to lose any qualified individual that was interested in this job, and that we were interested in. I have to review this with the commission as to how they would like to move forward with this.”
 Ed Gibson - “Security is an industry problem for all of us. Microsoft is collaborating with you and law enforcement to bring you products that do what they say on the box.”
 Charles Gibson - “This a whitewash. There's nothing in here which gives any information on what the coroner and pathologist did in this case.”

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