My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Giddis - “If it isn't in sync with the markets current leanings, it could get ugly in a hurry.”
 Kevin Giddis - “Inflation is still in check. We are not going to see 5 percent on 10-years.”
 Kevin Giddis - “The 30-year will be of particular interest to traders as it will be the first auction in almost 5 years.”
 Kevin Giddis - “While this group is still a few years away from retirement, this plus the fact that Americans are living longer requires these funds to go out further on the yield curve.”
 Kevin Giddis - “It has been a tough week for the longs and I seriously doubt they will be able to hang on to today's gains, but it might help to remember that.”
 Kevin Giddis - “The demand of our debt has come into question.”
 Kevin Giddis - “It is important that he come across in an authoritative way so the markets see him as 'apolitical' and strong. If they sense that he can be maneuvered by Congress, then it could make the markets a bit nervous.”
 Kevin Giddis - “These numbers today, plus the comments by the Fed, are still pointing to more increases by the Federal Open Market Committee in the coming months.”
 Kevin Giddis - “This indicator isn't very high on most traders 'care index' so the market reaction remains focused on comments by anyone who the markets deem as reliable.”
 Kevin Giddis - “For the first time since August 2001, the Treasury will attempt to ease the pain for pension funds and insurance companies who need long assets to pay for a growing number of baby boomers.”