My Favorite Quotes
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 Tony Giese - “Erin is coming around every day. She has made strong strides from Day 1. She stepped in late from volleyball, so she was really, really rusty, but you know that she has the talent. Right away, she stepped up and hit that big shot from the corner.”
 Mike Giese - “I thought last week was important without a core group of guys. That says a lot about our other guys.”
 Tony Giese - “We were just flat. We knew coming in that Triton was struggling and it was just one of those tough road games where our people didn't show lots of energy. I'm glad we were able to gut it out.”
 Mike Giese - “He works out a lot and has gotten a lot stronger. It will be difficult repeating those numbers because people will be pitching around him. One thing I've noticed through the year is he's taking on more of a leadership role. That's kind of a maturity thing.”
 Mike Giese - “When you make teams earn their runs, it puts you in a much better position.”
 Tony Giese - “We'll just have enough time to look at this game film and put in a game plan for Rock Valley.”
 Tony Giese - “Making the All-America team for a second straight year shows how consistent Heather was for our program. This is quite an honor for an outstanding athlete.”