My Favorite Quotes
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 Keith Giffen - “Annihilation doesn't play the bait and switch of promising change and undoing it two issues later. I can pretty much give my word that at the end of Annihilation, there will be sweeping change in the Marvel cosmic universe that will impact any Marvel character that leaves the Earth.”
 Keith Giffen - “And of course down the line you have to deal with what happens when the Avengers find out that this exists What happens when the X-Men find out that this exists Should the Blob be abducted Is a mutant a monster”
 Keith Giffen - “He is going to go places. He is going to be star.”
 Keith Giffen - “The real identity of one of the cast members will be a mystery. There's the Zombie. It's not Simon Garth. It's John Doe right now. I know who the Zombie is, you're going to find out, ... The problem with the Zombie is that he's not the brightest guy because he's losing brain cells. They're rotting. He's a really nice guy he just doesn't understand why people keep screaming, 'Don't eat me' He has no idea. He's never seen the movies. He doesn't know.”
 Keith Giffen - “The Howling Commandos are a top-secret unit that's been running clandestine operations in the Marvel universe for quite awhile. It's a lot like 'Men in Black,' ... If you ever wonder where all the old Marvel monsters went S.H.I.E.L.D. has been rounding them up and saying stuff like, 'Hi. You're a vampire. Here's your choice you either join the Howling Commandos or we're going to throw you into the sun.”
 Keith Giffen - “The guy has done it all, and I didn't hesitate to call and ask for art or storytelling advice. The 'Drax' mini-series is going to be a great read, so even if you hate my art, Keith still weaves a fantastic tale.”