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 Mac Gifford - “Ashley was playing a girl that was just irritating her. She was saying things and stalling. I told her the only way she is going to lose is by letting the girl get to her.”
 Mac Gifford - “We set many goals for ourselves this year, and one of those was to beat Yale. We just wanted it that badly and we fought.”
 Frank Gifford - “There are no winners, only survivors.”
 Frank Gifford - “I was the law and order.”
 Frank Gifford - “Rosie is a Hall of Fame player, and I wouldn't be in the Hall of Fame if it weren't for him.”
 Kathie Gifford - “The more I thought about it, the more I realized how much I would enjoy it.”
 Frank Gifford - “We spent a lot of time together on Sunday nights before a Monday night game, ... He was always very forthcoming with his information. Some players were testy and tough to deal with, but Steve was very helpful to us despite being much more in demand than other players.”
 Mac Gifford - “If you're playing a match and all of a sudden somebody gets a serious injury, you start to think that this match isn't really that important when compared to somebody's face. It's scary that's the first time we've had that happen. It's tough to play, because your mind is on your fallen teammate.”
 Larry Gifford - “The contest went pretty well. Now we have to see how we do with a wedding.”
 Frank Gifford - “It is wonderful... Steve and Dan took professional football to a whole different level with the way they played the game. The fact that Steve is going in with Dan is very special.”
 Frank Gifford - “It is wonderful, ... Steve and Dan took professional football to a whole different level with the way they played the game. The fact that Steve is going in with Dan is very special.”
 Matt Gifford - “It was a long list of, 'Who do you pick' I don't think we could have gone wrong with any of those guys.”
 John Gifford - “The most important shipwrecks in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, I would say probably 95 percent of them, have already been destroyed by treasure hunters over the last 30 or 40 years.”
 Mac Gifford - “Katie, her stress fractures, even though she is able to play, by the end of two days of playing, she's really sore and her mobility is really affected same thing for Victoria with her arm. We need to have some other people come up in singles and contribute.”
 Kathie Gifford - “I have been interviewed a lot. I have empathy for the person who is being interviewed and written about with all kinds of misperceptions and misconceptions and flat-out lies. So I feel for them, I feel their pain. I know what that is like.”
 Kathie Gifford - “I don't like gossip. I know the pain of gossip,”
 Frank Gifford - “I told him to take off the freaking cowboy hat and the dark glasses and nobody would recognize him. But I guess he feels less of an obligation to be there than I do.”
 Frank Gifford - “Before the first year, nobody gave it a chance. Now, 36 years later, everybody knows Monday Night Football.”
 Frank Gifford - “Governor Reagan had his arm around John Lennon and he was explaining American football to him. Only on 'Monday Night Football' would you get those two guys, who were poles apart, united.”
 Frank Gifford - “I am very happy for him, ... What a role model he is. He is everything you would want your son to be. He is a remarkable young man who was great for the history of our game.”
 John Gifford - “If we push this over the side (of the ledge) there's a good chance we could miss these little artifacts.”
 Matt Gifford - “It's definitely not an exact science. We're probably right 85, 90 percent of the time. It's about as accurate as they come, and we miss pitches. Either way, you get the idea he's throwing gas. That's what you want to know.”
 John Gifford - “Senior retail management is increasingly hard to find right now, ... A lot of the top executives have been around for a long time and they're still working on the premise that sales are driven by value for price and assortment.”
 Frank Gifford - “I know we're all still suffering the loss of this great man, ... But we can still celebrate his wonderful life.”
 Kathie Gifford - “Being a member of 'The Insider' family gives me an opportunity to do what I know, television, with what I love, theater. I'm looking forward to finally casting a well-deserved spotlight on the world of theater. And it's no secret that I love to talk, but the real secret is I love to listen, too.”

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