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 Ryan Giggs - “As a young lad you go out and enjoy it, you have no fears, ... England versus Wales, a full house at the Millennium Stadium - you just don't get any bigger than that.”
 Ryan Giggs - “Some said he had too much influence, but I don't agree. He impressed me from the start.”
 Ryan Giggs - “No. We have plenty of inspiration of our own.”
 Ryan Giggs - “I believe we can win the title.”
 Ryan Giggs - “I don't think we've ever taken it winning the league for granted. When you win the title, you find it's even harder to defend it Arsenal have never been able to defend a Championship and we hope Chelsea face that sort of problem this year.”
 Ryan Giggs - “But the main thing is to work on the stability of the team, not giving goals away, and scoring our goals will come.”
 Ryan Giggs - “Ten years ago we probably wouldn't have dreamt of this, both of us,”
 Ryan Giggs - “Park's starting security lost in the mountains.”
 Ryan Giggs - “It's a game I don't want to miss. United-Liverpool is one of the biggest games we play. There's a lot at stake (with the rivalry) but a place in the next round is vital.”
 Ryan Giggs - “That disappointed me at the time. I had pushed the boat out by asking for three more years - but in the end we settled on two and that only took a couple of meetings.”
 Ryan Giggs - “It doesn't matter how the teams are doing, it is always the biggest game of the season and always the one you look forward to the most.”
 Ryan Giggs - “England got the luck this time, but if we keep producing performances like that it'll come our way,”
 Ryan Giggs - “Liverpool are one of the best teams in the world, and the rivalry is massive. It's nice to play them, and even better to beat them.”
 Ryan Giggs - “We didn't perform in the first half. They had the better of the first half. We knew we would improve, and that's what we did.”
 Ryan Giggs - “We just hope the players who are brought in will go out and perform. I'm quite confident they will do that.”
 Ryan Giggs - “United might have a game in hand but they already trail Chelsea by five points. They cannot afford to lose any more ground even at this early stage of the season - and playing Liverpool away will reveal much about the seriousness of their challenge. We need everyone to perform every match to keep up with Chelsea, ... We've run out of excuses. It's time to perform again and win match after match like we used to do - season after season.”
 Ryan Giggs - “He just kept on knocking on door after door in search of Lee's place. And every wrong one made him more angry. Finally, when he knocked on the right door, he was volcanic.”
 Ryan Giggs - “It's great to captain my country in such a big game, but also against my United team-mates,”
 Ryan Giggs - “Being captain is great for me personally, not only to captain the country but in such a big game as well, and playing against your team-mates. I'm not a vocal captain, like other people. I just try to lead by example.”
 Ryan Giggs - “I do not wish to hide my origins, nor do I seek to make it a subject of conversation. I am what I am.”
 Ryan Giggs - “We have to kick on now. Fulham will be a difficult game ... but hopefully we now have the confidence to go on and get a good result. It is important to go on a winning run because we do not want to get too far behind.”
 Ryan Giggs - “As a footballer I can't imagine life without the use of one of my legs... Sadly this is exactly what happens to thousands of children every year when they accidentally step on a landmine.”
 Ryan Giggs - “I've been quite pleased with the last five or six games I've played. I've been playing consistently well for Wales. ... It hasn't been a successful campaign but we've got a year to prepare for the next one and it would be nice to finish off with another win against Azerbaijan on Wednesday.”
 Ryan Giggs - “It's very satisfying to end the campaign with two wins,”
 Ryan Giggs - “Looking at me from the outside, it is not very obvious, I know but half my family is black and I feel close to their culture and their colour.”

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