My Favorite Quotes
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 Linda Giguere - “I can only say we've got 1,335 barrels of liquid, and I can't tell you how is much is oil and water.”
 Lynda Giguere - “Because it's cold, it's going to gel. That's the good news. The other good news is we know how to pick that up.”
 Linda Giguere - “It's a significant spill. The volume is large, but the footprint is small. It's contained and controlled, which is the really good news. Morale is high, despite the cold temperatures and harsh conditions.”
 Lynda Giguere - “The priorities are still to vacuum up the oil and collecting the contaminated snow, to make sure the tundra is not contaminated.”
 Lynda Giguere - “The plan is now to start tomorrow morning on the high tide and give it a go.”