My Favorite Quotes
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 Philippe Gijsels - “Higher interest rates are holding back the markets.”
 Philippe Gijsels - “The European markets will play catch-down this morning. Sentiment finally broke down after disappointing earnings releases and a further increase in the price of oil.”
 Philippe Gijsels - “Media companies are coming from very far behind.”
 Philippe Gijsels - “Uncertainty about interest rates will make meaningful progress difficult to achieve. This week will be big in terms of economic data and this can cause volatility in the market.”
 Philippe Gijsels - “Media is becoming much more important now that people have broadband at home and mobile telephones that can receive content. Media stocks are going to ride a wave of growth that is only beginning.”
 Philippe Gijsels - “Whether it happens today or on another occasion, the timing is uncertain but the fact that rates have to go up is clear. These things are priced in so I don't see much impact.”
 Philippe Gijsels - “The problem technically and psychologically is that we went ahead of ourselves. People have been chasing hot groups and hot stocks.”