My Favorite Quotes
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 Jo Gilbeaux - “I was just as upset when I saw the inside of this building as I was when I saw the damage in my own neighborhood after the hurricane. It looked like a funnel came down inside the building. There was insulation, ceiling tiles, wires and other debris everywhere. It just broke my heart.”
 Jo Gilbeaux - “The new building will be something very different from anything else in Orange. I think the people here in the community will be very proud of it.”
 Jo Gilbeaux - “The trailers will not be moved. We will continue to do business from here. A fence has been installed to surround the building before it is demolished, which we were told would take two weeks to tear down and remove all of the debris. Most people don't realize just how big this building really is.”
 Jo Gilbeaux - “This building was built 32 years ago, and it's a landmark here in Orange. Wells Fargo has been at this location for six years now, and has carried on the tradition of the original First National Bank, which was founded in 1889.”