My Favorite Quotes
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 Brendan Gilfillan - “We hope the Legislature takes to heart our previous warnings about the budget shortfall and the need for fiscal responsibility.”
 Mitch Gilfillan - “When you've got guys that are willing to sacrifice individual talent and put it together for the team, you're going to have many, many victories. That's showing as we're on our way to a big one Wednesday and hopefully a conference championship.”
 Mitch Gilfillan - “It all starts Sunday. Trust me, we'll be ready to go.”
 Mitch Gilfillan - “It's been a great three years so far, but the best is yet to come.”
 Brendan Gilfillan - “He hopes that the students stay engaged throughout this process and that they participate on campus as college presidents make the same kinds of tough decisions that the governor did with this budget.”
 Mitch Gilfillan - “Coach is so calm, cool and collected. He really laid into us at halftime. He let us know that we weren't playing up to our potential, and obviously in the second half, we responded.”
 Brendan Gilfillan - “Our park system is a vital system that needs to be preserved but to be sure in the long run that we have the resources to preserve it ... we have to exert fiscal restraint and begin fixing our chronic budget shortfalls.”
 Robert Gilfillan - “Poetry is truth dwelling in beauty.”
 Robert Gilfillan - “There's a hope for every woe, and a balm for every pain, but the first joys of our heart come never back again”