My Favorite Quotes
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 Rief Gilg - “We adjusted defensively, but it comes down to blocking and tackling, and when he got a full head of steam going, that's a load.”
 Rief Gilg - “We made too many mistakes, and when you make that many mistakes, you're not going to win. We left to many chances offensively. We were down inside the five, we fumbled going in. That's the problem. We scored 34, but we probably left 14 to 21 hanging in the locker room, and that's going to come back and haunt you.”
 Rief Gilg - “We needed to try and run the ball to keep Logansport off the field, and you can see why because of how good they are offensively. We weren't able to do that and got behind, and then we didn't have the luxury of being able to run the ball.”
 Rief Gilg - “If anything, I think you harp on the fact that this is what what happens when you came focused and ready to play. Our kids seemed really dialed in. When they're focused and play together, we're a very solid football team. When we're not, we're very vulnerable.”
 Rief Gilg - “Our defensive line has played very well the last few weeks, and when they demand double teams, then it allows our linebackers to run free and make plays. We're getting to be very good at our front eight of forcing people to throw a little more than they've wanted to. We always talk about stopping the run, and when we do that, you can see how successful our defense is.”
 Rief Gilg - “We have good people at other positions, and just the threat of what Chris can do opens things up for those people. We need to take advantage of that. Chris is maturing as a quarterback, and a lot of that is from the mental standpoint in terms of decision-making, patience and the overall thought process of who to get the ball to and where.”
 Rief Gilg - “We were able to play very good defense from the get-go, and on the offensive line we were able to control people. Ultimately, when you do that, you've got a chance to be in it wherever you are. Mentally, our offensive line is much stronger, and they just keep getting better every week in that respect.”
 Rief Gilg - “This hurts. It's a conference team, it's a game we felt good coming into. You move on. You don't have a choice, you have to play next week. We tell our kids to learn as much as they can from this.”
 Reif Gilg - “There is no doubt he could play Division I football. But fortunately or unfortunately, he can also play Division I basketball.”
 Reif Gilg - “He uses his mind to get his way around a field, court or diamond. You can talk to the basketball or baseball coach, and they will say the same thing. He transcends the desire to be successful, and it shows itself over and over.”
 Rief Gilg - “You play football with kids, not Xs and Os, so we're going to concentrate on them. We'll focus on mental attitude a little bit, and we'll try to bounce back from it.”
 Reif Gilg - “What separates him, and most people don't see, is the way he works to get better. And he has the ability to think on his feet. He just has an innate ability to know what to do and then the athletic ability to do it. Not many people have that combination.”