My Favorite Quotes
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 Christina Gilgor - “Discrimination is on its face wrong. Funding it with state tax dollars is unacceptable. Our tax dollars should not fund a religious institution that teaches by example how to discriminate.”
 Christina Gilgor - “I think gay people across the state are most likely feeling very disappointed.”
 Christina Gilgor - “Discrimination is on its face wrong. Funding it with state tax dollars is unacceptable. We feel that if our tax dollars are going to fund an institution it should give equal opportunity to all students.”
 Christina Gilgor - “It has an overarching impact on the state in terms of attracting tourism, attracting conventions and attracting businesses that want to make their home here. It is very unfortunate that the governor has chosen to scapegoat a minority group in this way.”
 Christina Gilgor - “It's just unfortunate that the governor thinks he can capitalize on discriminating against gays and lesbians. His motto for the state is 'unbridled spirit,' and it seems to me in the past week he's thrown that in reverse.”
 Christina Gilgor - “We're waiting for the court essentially at this point to see if they will unite the two cases. The governor has 20 days to respond. So we have 20 days until something happens. And my guess is after that the circuit will determine what will happen next.”
 Christina Gilgor - “Gov. Fletcher has failed to uphold his duty to protect Kentucky citizens and enforce the Kentucky constitution.”
 Christina Gilgor - “If Gov. Ernie Fletcher does not veto the funding, we plan to pursue a legal option based on our constitution, which says no religious institution should receive state tax dollars.”
 Christina Gilgor - “That's absurd. The relief we are seeking is to halt state funding to a private school that practices discrimination.”