My Favorite Quotes
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 Julia Gillard - “It seems the minister for health is happy to talk about the role of nurses when it suits him but has failed to take the profession of nursing seriously.”
 Julia Gillard - “Labor supports the Productivity Commission's recommendation with regard to the delegation of tasks and ensuring that the MBS (Medicare Benefits Schedule) provides adequate incentives for this to happen.”
 Julia Gillard - “It will amount to an effective ban because no manufacturer or importer will take a step down that path.”
 Julia Gillard - “There is some merit in some of the things Barry says,”
 Julia Gillard - “It seems that the Howard Government is getting ready to roll over on some important PBS protections that will leave Australians worse off and make their essential medicines even more costly.”
 Julia Gillard - “It saddens me greatly to see Mark's loss of faith in the power of politics to make change for the better. It saddens me even more to see Mark's loss of faith in the Labor Party,”
 Julia Gillard - “We of course remember the days when the leader of the house was the bovver boy, stand over man of Australian politics, now he's just pathetic and this is just a pathetic resolution moved to try and guillotine this debate through this House from a minister who only yesterday ... was complaining about debate being guillotined.”
 Julia Gillard - “It is an act of hypocrisy from everybody who votes for it, we know this is about containing debate to try and keep dissenters in the cart in the desperate hope that none of them split on the floor today and if any of them in cocky's corner have got the courage of their convictions, they won't be voting for this, and they won't be voting for this legislation this afternoon.”
 Julia Gillard - “Surely common sense would tell you you're more likely to get illegal purchasing if RU486 is not available through legitimate means.”
 Julia Gillard - “Labor has failed to do enough to present a courageous and coherent set of policies. We've got to outline our own vision for Australia, which I believe should include an independent foreign policy, bold social policy and economic policy that delivers prosperity for all.”
 Julia Gillard - “I note that Tony Abbott was dreadfully critical of GPs during the RU-486 debate, and I am concerned that anti-GP attitude has continued in this package.”
 Julia Gillard - “Mark was trusted by Labor as a thinker, as a formidable parliamentarian, as a moving advocate of Labor's great ideals. But almost more than this, Labor put its faith in Mark Latham because the caucus wanted to register its protest about the corrosion of its internal culture. In electing Mark, Labor caucus said to the world and to itself that it wanted to change for the better. And I believe it has.”