My Favorite Quotes
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 Donald Gimbel - “There's an internal momentum in Southeast Asia with all the ingredients for sustained growth. The next nine months will be very good for the smaller Asian markets.”
 Mike Gimbel - “With high school prom night coming up, this is the perfect time to catch kids.”
 Donald Gimbel - “Having BP is going to open a lot more doors for them and this company is going to be a lot bigger. I won't sell my shares.”
 Donald Gimbel - “What we learned in China Aviation Oil is that management who initially was doing a terrific job can go off the tracks and if you aren't on top of the situation on an ongoing basis you can end up losing a lot of money.”
 Mike Gimbel - “I think it's a good ruling because for a lot of years we've been having kind of this mixed message that's been sent to our children that marijuana is OK.”