My Favorite Quotes
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 Andy Mangin - “My mom always says free throws win games and that's what it came down to. They made their free throws and we didn't. That was the game right there.”
 Andy Mangin - “That doesn't mean anything now. Those games are meaningless.”
 Mark Riggin - “This is the deepest pitching staff that we've had so far. And since we have three section games a week and our section is so strong, that could help tremendously.”
 Andy Mangin - “This was a solid win. In a close game, we did a good job of executing in the last four minutes of the fourth quarter and overtime. All of our shots were within four feet.”
 Daniel Yergin - “If they don't ease more oil into the market over the next six weeks, we could see prices spike a good deal higher than they are now.”
 Christopher Slobogin - “Generally speaking, to do that the government needs a warrant based on probable cause.”
 Oleg Kalugin - “We had scores of sources throughout the Indian government,”
 Alan Gin - “There might be some seasonal reasons for the construction losses, but the decline could be a sign that our overall employment growth is slowing.”
 Ray Nagin - “New Orleans is not asking for a handout we're asking for a hand up,”
 Ray Nagin - “With Hurricane Rita behind us, the task at hand is to bring New Orleans back. We want people to return and help us rebuild the city,”
 Ray Nagin - “I think the president is really focused on the job at hand, and they are really starting to move, ... On almost anything that I want to do now, I get a nearly instantaneous response.”
 Ray Nagin - “I've talked directly with the president, I've talked to the head of the Homeland Security, I've talked to everybody under the sun, I've been out there.”
 Ray Nagin - “because it's a health risk.”
 Ray Nagin - “I would like everyone to get out because it's a health risk. Mosquitoes that are biting dead people are starting to fly,”
 Ray Nagin - “I'm tired of hearing these helicopters. I want to hear some jazz.”
 Ray Nagin - “I am tired of hearing these helicopters. I wanna hear some jazz, ... awesome.”
 Ray Nagin - “I am not hearing anyone else come up with anything,”
 Ray Nagin - “My heart is heavy tonight,”
 Ray Nagin - “I'm going to be a man about this. Whatever I did, whatever I could have done better, I'm going to stand up and history will judge me accordingly,”
 Ray Nagin - “History is going to judge us on that one,”
 Paul Gudgin - “This year we welcomed artists from Hollywood to Hong Kong and everywhere in between.”
 Ray Nagin - “It's almost like a nightmare, that I hope we wake up from,”
 Ray Nagin - “We had people trapped on roofs, et cetera ... and they didn't know about it That's just impossible.”
 Doug Elgin - “We definitely think it's not in our teams' best interest to go to Maryland for the money.”
 Brian Goggin - “Our strategy is to harness this capability to provide an enhanced range of investment solutions.”

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