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 Robby Ginepri - “I think he was a little uptight in the first few games of the first set. It was a little gusty out there that could have been a factor as well.”
 Robby Ginepri - “I wasn't feeling that great towards the end of the first set. But I took a timeout and got some medication. I had a really sore head. I don't know why.”
 Robby Ginepri - “I hope I'm more notable for my tennis than being with Driver. That was just a little fling, and that's over with. Now I think I'm making my name with tennis. That's what I'm here to do.”
 Robby Ginepri - “I hope that I can do something at the U.S. Open. That's what I'm preparing myself for with this summer sequence. And I've had a good run so far. I'm confident, I just need to keep the ball rolling from here.”
 Robby Ginepri - “I thought I returned extremely well, which helped me get into a lot of his service games, and that won the match. I don't feel as sharp as I did in the summer but that's going to change shortly.”
 Robby Ginepri - “I thought the process was going to take a lot longer, ... I was hoping it would have clicked by the end of the year, but by the end of the summer, it seems to be falling into place.”
 Robby Ginepri - “It's anybody's match out there when you're that close. I thought I was playing good enough to win.”
 Robby Ginepri - “I thought I played a good match, but it (hurts) to go down again. But he was playing very well. He stung me on a lot on drop shots.”
 Robby Ginepri - “I served well and hit well off the ground and won the big points at the right time,”
 Robby Ginepri - “He kind of picked it up at the end of the first, and the second set could have gone either way. I just won the big points at the right time.”
 Robby Ginepri - “I've called a few times to congratulate him, for Wimbledon, for the US Open,”
 Robby Ginepri - “The next match will be tough but I've beaten him both times we've played,”
 Robby Ginepri - “I always would like to take Agassi out before he retires. He's gotten me four times in a row now, so I wouldn't mind returning the favor on him.”
 Robby Ginepri - “Andre was just too good today,”
 Robby Ginepri - “I'm done playing tennis for today, ... I don't know how I got through that match. I don't know what's going on right now. I'm a little foggy, a little dizzy.”
 Robby Ginepri - “I've played enough tennis for today,”
 Robby Ginepri - “That was a little strange. But I think we're both professional, and we can put aside the doubles match and the friendship for today.”
 Robby Ginepri - “That's why he's still out here playing and in the finals tomorrow.”
 Robby Ginepri - “We avoided it. We'll put our friendship aside tomorrow and duke it out.”
 Robby Ginepri - “After I lost in a tournament, I didn't want to practice the next day. I was in a bad mood. It was a little bit of a nightmare. If I'm going to do something with tennis in my life, I knew that now's the time to do it and you can't wait to be in a good mood.”
 Robby Ginepri - “If I'm going to do something with tennis in my life, I knew that now's the time to do it and you can't wait to be in a good mood.”
 Robby Ginepri - “I didn't realize that if I didn't win that first-round match, I might have had to get a wild card into the Open. That was a good wake-up call.”
 Robby Ginepri - “There was a little letdown because Robby probably had his chances there, but Andre is Andre and this is Robby's first semifinal, ... I think it's a great learning experience for him and I think he will nurture from it. Kudos to Robby for getting here and it was a wonderful challenge.”
 Robby Ginepri - “I'm a lot smarter upstairs now, ... I don't check out in the middle of the points.”
 Robby Ginepri - “It's going to be a rough, grueling match again. But he's the king and I know that, you know. I got to take my opportunity if it's there . . . I've loved watching him grow up and play the game. Hopefully, this won't be his last run here, but I wouldn't mind to be the one to take him out from the Open.”

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