My Favorite Quotes
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 Dwight Gingerich - “It was really one of the poorest played first halves in IMS history. They were two very different halves. I was proud of the way we came back.”
 Dwight Gingerich - “The team played together and we kept the energy level high always a key in big matches on the road. We got better as the night moved along and we were able to overcome several situations where we wavered a bit. Defeating Fairfield is always a tremendous feat, as they have an excellent program.”
 Dwight Gingerich - “We looked great early but let things slide as we began to make unforced errors and lost our focus in game 3 while Winfield played well. I liked the fact we were able to come back and get it done despite not playing great volleyball.”
 Dwight Gingerich - “We were unable to sustain a high level of play throughout the match, having to fight off the sluggishness factor, but were still able to get the job done with contributions from a lot of people, a real positive.”
 Dwight Gingerich - “This is a tremendous accomplishment for this group of kids, because there are a lot of good teams in our conference. We have several three-year starters as seniors in our lineup, so I'm really happy for our girls.”