My Favorite Quotes
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 Phil Gingrey - “I've got a district right now shaped like Indonesia, ... It makes no sense at all except from the political perspective. I really think the Democratic Party in Georgia knows they overreached on these maps. What occurred is just a corrective measure to put communities back together again.”
 Phil Gingrey - “Our nation's judicial system is out of control, ... If a group or a person does not like what someone else does or believes, they try to sue them out of existence.”
 Phil Gingrey - “All containers shipped out of Dubai are screened, and certainly, as a member of congress that gave me a much more secure feeling as they explained some of their expertise and equipment that they used.”
 Phil Gingrey - “That opportunity to visit the medical facilities, for me as a physician, was an eye opener. It's obviously free care and lifesaving care.”
 Phil Gingrey - “I would like to believe it and that's the way it should be, but there's some politics involved, ... Come on, let's be realistic. If there wasn't, do you think Virginia would fare as well as they're doing this week No, it's because (Virginia Sen.) John Warner is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.”