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 Manu Ginobili - “We stopped moving the ball in Games 3and 4 and it's hard to penetrate and find the room to get to the hole when you are just standing. I think we moved the ball much better in 1 and 2.”
 Manu Ginobili - “The ankle felt good, but it took a while to get going. The more important thing is how it feels (Sunday). I was a little tentative out there because I was worrying about stepping on somebody's foot.”
 Manu Ginobili - “We are a team of (13 players) and we lost eight back-to-backs It can't be that hard. The legs help, but it's in the head, too.”
 Manu Ginobili - “I was playing like my head wasn't ready after what happened on Friday.”
 Manu Ginobili - “For us it's good, because he's a great player, but we don't have much to do with it. It didn't hurt me. I said it after the game. But the league (watches) everything we do.”
 Manu Ginobili - “It didn't hurt me. But the league makes its own decisions.”
 Manu Ginobili - “The Pistons demonstrated tonight that they are a better team than us right now. We still have to improve on things and we are not the team that we want to be right now.”
 Manu Ginobili - “They are more physical. We are going to use (this game) to know them better. The last time that we played was a long time ago. So it's going to be good to know them if we really play them.”
 Manu Ginobili - “I thought they were going to take some time. But Avery's been doing a great job. Everyone knows their roles and they're rolling.”
 Manu Ginobili - “We were a little antsy to play the game, but at the same time you want to do too many things in the first minutes.”
 Manu Ginobili - “There was no time to hesitate, ... I saw Martin coming so I tried to get the ball up high.”
 Manu Ginobili - “the happiest time ever for us.”
 Manu Ginobili - “It has happened so many times that teams without their best player really step up and start playing better. It doesn't mean that it was automatic with Steve not playing that we were going to blow them out.”
 Manu Ginobili - “I appreciate it so much. It's one of the biggest treasures I have. I haven't looked at it for a while, but I think about it a lot, and I have a DVD of our games that I've watched two, three, four times.”
 Manu Ginobili - “The crazy thing is, we shot 57 percent and beat them in rebounds (40-30) and we still were so close. They are playing great. We really got to respect them and think about playing even better than today.”
 Manu Ginobili - “Whenever you are in a good streak, feeling good about yourself, you like to keep playing. But it's good to have a break after the back-to-back (games). We were kind of tired today, so its good to have a couple of days off.”
 Manu Ginobili - “It was good. Usually when you get hit in the muscle it's not serious. It was a back-to-back (Saturday), so I wasn't able to go. I felt very good today.”
 Manu Ginobili - “The last 10, 15 games we've had some trouble on the boards, so we're putting a lot of emphasis on that.”
 Manu Ginobili - “It's not something that started today or yesterday. He's been doing a great job for a while.”
 Manu Ginobili - “It felt like yesterday we were playing in the Finals, ... I didn't think it was so long ago. We had all the plays fresh in our minds.”
 Manu Ginobili - “It was a great shooting night. But it doesn't mean I'm on a roll.”
 Manu Ginobili - “We know that these two teams ... you can't stop playing for four or five minutes. It's a big mistake.”
 Manu Ginobili - “I was trying to get it to the rim before, but I just couldn't make a shot. In the fourth quarter, I started with the dunk, and the whole game changed for me in those couple of minutes.”
 Manu Ginobili - “Some shots I usually make are not falling in and I'm not feeling that well penetrating, so I'm in a tough moment. But I'm not worried. In 82 games, you're going to have some ups and downs.”
 Manu Ginobili - “I don't play like this because I want to look pretty, ... I think people can really see I love the game.”

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