My Favorite Quotes
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 Ruth Ginsburg - “We're told these methods are less gentle to the patient,”
 William Ginsburg - “Right off the bat we talk about stings and wires and traps. I'm not happy with that at all, especially when you're dealing with a 24-year old girl. It's not nice.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “Politics is rearing its head like it has not done before,”
 Paul Ginsburg - “In city after city, when we were talking to hospitals, we kept hearing that there were more uninsured patients seeking treatment.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “Well, there are all kinds of hearts. There are bleeding hearts and there are hard hearts, ... She has a different value system than I do. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have a good heart.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “A plain speaker without airs or affectations, the chief fostered a spirit of collegiality among the nine of us perhaps unparalleled in the court's history.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “perhaps unparalleled in the court's history.”
 William Ginsburg - “Monica has many friends at the White House.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “It is not women's liberation, it is women's and men's liberation.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “Arizona presents no specific reason for excepting capital defendants from the constitutional protections extended to defendants generally, and none is readily apparent.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “Dissents speak to a future age.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “It is not like I have gone crazy,I just don't want to take any chances. You never know what could happen.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “She never envisioned a legal career for me, but she did think it was very important that I be able to support myself, and I think she would be pleased to see what has become of me.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “Who will take responsibility for raising the next generation”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “Extra hard not to die in the near future.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “When police or prosecutors conceal significant exculpatory or impeaching material, we hold, it is ordinarily incumbent on the state to set the record straight.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “The state controlling a woman would mean denying her full autonomy and full equality.”
 Bill Ginsburg - “The Linda Tripp tapes are just being selectively leaked. It is just unfair and just more of the same unfairness that we have been facing for some time.”
 William Ginsburg - “As the saying goes, the ball is still in the air. We're having cordial discussions. We've been together by telephone. and I'm very hopeful we'll continue those today.”
 Bill Ginsburg - “How far it goes after that with congressional hearings or if there is indeed an indictment, a trial of the matter, I can not predict because I don't know what the charges would be or what the circumstances would be. But I think that Mr. Starr is under considerable pressure to fish or cut bait and I think that he is going to have to decide to do something in May or June at the latest.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “It's almost like a trust that we are bound to preserve the institution and give it to our successors in the same good condition that we received it.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “this is a person whose job includes being candid, serving justice, serving truth.”
 William Ginsburg - “Vernon Jordan is an individual who I understand helped Monica get an interview with a public relations firm in New York where she was eventually going to -- and may still -- park herself as an entry-level intern or apprentice, or whatever they call it in that trade.”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “The First Amendment requires us to be vigilant in making these judgments, to guard against undue hindrances to political conversations and the exchange of ideas,”
 Ruth Ginsburg - “We hold that back wages are subject to ... taxes prescribed for the year in which the wages are in fact paid,”

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