My Favorite Quotes
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 Natalia Ginzburg - “You aren't ill it is just that you are made of second-rate materials.”
 Sam Ginzburg - “Another wild day in the market place. There's defiantly a confluence of influences right now.”
 Sam Ginzburg - “I think there's tremendous optimism in the markets right now.”
 Sam Ginzburg - “The mood of the market is absolute nervousness and the mood of traders is absolute frustration. Because we're so oversold, I think we're ready for a trading bounce but there are just too many cross currents to balance right now.”
 Natalia Ginzburg - “No adultery is bloodless.”
 Natalia Ginzburg - “No adultery is bloodless”
 Natalia Ginzburg - “Every day silence harvests its victims. Silence is a mortal illness.”
 Natalia Ginzburg - “Today, as never before, the fates of men are so intimately linked to one another that a disaster for one is a disaster for everybody.”
 Natalia Ginzburg - “As soon as we see our dreams betrayed we realize that the intensest joys of our life have nothing to do with reality, and we are consumed with regret for the time when they glowed within us. And in this succession of hopes and regrets our life slips by.”
 Natalia Ginzburg - “When I write stories I am like someone who is in her own country, walking along streets that she has known since she was a child, between walls and trees that are hers.”
 Natalia Ginzburg - “Children should be taught not the little virtues but the great ones. Not thrift but generosity and an indifference to money not caution but courage and a contempt for danger not a desire for success but a desire to be and to know.”