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 Joe Girardi - “He has an attitude when he goes out there, and that's what you want from a pitcher. When you think of all the great pitchers that have come before his time, they all have got an attitude. Some are a little more meek about it. But they all have an attitude.”
 Joe Girardi - “Sometimes people assume because we're major league baseball players and we make a lot of money, there aren't issues in your life. Sometimes there are issues you have to handle. I'm respectful of that.”
 Joe Girardi - “We fall asleep and the guy scores. You can't forget who's on base. I call it always thinking ahead and knowing your base runners and knowing what the run means. We learned the hard way. Again.”
 Joe Girardi - “Sometimes you have some young pitchers who get too fine. And you have to bring them back in the zone and understand that you expand the zone when you get ahead, not before you get strike one.”
 Joe Girardi - “Obviously, we brought him in here to be one of our starters. He has a leg up right now. He's a standup guy. I need him to stand up in the clubhouse. Be who you are. I'm not asking anyone to be any different. I'm asking to be who you are. Don't be afraid to say something if you want to say something. It's your clubhouse. It's your team.”
 Joe Girardi - “I talk to Joe on a pretty regular basis. I talk to him about situations and advice. I'm anxious to see him. He's always been good to me as a player, as a coach. He gave me a ton of responsibilities last year. He's someone you can model yourself after, not only as a manager, but as a person.”
 Joe Girardi - “Jim is a guy who played a long time in the big leagues. Every day he had to battle to fight for every hit he got. I like that, guys who have battled through adversity.”
 Joe Girardi - “His arm strength and accuracy ... he will get better as he keeps going. His footwork and throwing will get quicker as he gets more confidence.”
 Joe Girardi - “He's a little bit behind, but we've got to make sure that we don't rush him. He's in a little different boat than all the other pitchers here, but we said all along that we weren't going to rush our pitchers. We're not going to abuse him. We're going to evaluate him later down the road.”
 Joe Girardi - “He's in a little bit different boat than all of the other pitchers here, but we've said all along we're not going to rush any of our pitchers. We're not going to abuse them.”
 Joe Girardi - “We have an abundance of young starters. Other teams would probably like to have eight veterans, but we have eight young starters. They have the ability to push each other.”
 Joe Girardi - “create runs when we need to. We will look to expose weaknesses of other clubs. There are a lot of clubs that don't have the ability to hold runners on. I'm not going to sit back and wait for runs to be driven in. If we can create runs, we're going to do it.”
 Joe Girardi - “He showed he has the ability to drive in runs. We need that all up and down the lineup.”
 Joe Girardi - “He has the ability to take something you give him and use it that day. He can run. He can hit. He has power. He runs the bases well, plays good defense. He's fun to watch. Nothing he really does makes you say, 'I can't believe he made that play, or got that hit.' If you're around him long enough, you're not surprised. He has a chance to be a really special player.”
 Joe Girardi - “He knows how to pitch. He has the ability to change speeds with all his pitches and locate. He just needs a little more seasoning. Obviously, he was part of a big trade, and the organization has a lot of faith in him. He's a young man, and we just feel he needs a little bit more experience.”

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