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 Joe Girardi - “We did a lot of little things right today. Willis looked great. He got his 46 pitches in. You look at Randy's outing and it doesn't look good, but they were all groundballs.”
 Joe Girardi - “Oh yeah, probably since I signed as a manager. Because I knew that would probably be the toughest meeting that I had. I had a little practice with the pitchers and catchers. Today, it was the whole squad.”
 Joe Girardi - “He struggled a little bit. He threw 72 or 73 pitches. He got his pitch count up. He got out of some tough situations. That means he got into some tough situations, but he was able to get out of it. The pitching here Olsen was great today. Ollie threw well, and he got better as the day went on.”
 Joe Girardi - “It was an ugly game for us. We didn't pitch, we didn't play defense, we didn't hit with runners on. It's difficult to win a game like that.”
 Joe Girardi - “We both understand the situation.”
 Joe Girardi - “You have to understand is there is no one behind you. There is no one who can come in and save your rear end if you get into a jam. That's the mentality you have to learn quick. The other thing is you have to learn to forget it quick. You can't think about it a couple of days. Whether you saved it or didn't save it, that day is over. You have to move on to the next day.”
 Joe Girardi - “A big part of my job is making sure that these guys understand that they belong in the big leagues and they can do it.”
 Joe Girardi - “You have to understand there's no one behind you. No one can come in and really save your butt if you get in a jam.”
 Joe Girardi - “I'm very concerned about it. None of us know what it is like to be Pokey Reese, the issues he's had to deal with on a daily basis. I'm not upset with him. I am just worried. We all have personal things that we have to tend to. I'm just concerned that he's OK. It worries me. I just want to hear his voice that he's OK.”
 Joe Girardi - “I'm not upset with him. I just want to hear his voice that he's OK.”
 Joe Girardi - “I was the type of player who had to do the little things to win. Anyone can sit around and wait for the three-run homer. But I had to do the little things. I had to hit-and-run. I had to squeeze. That's the way I survived as a player.”
 Joe Girardi - “We'll just kind of wait to see how he feels. If he says he is ready to go, he's ready to go.”
 Joe Girardi - “Great hitters are able to do that. They're still going to drive in 120 runs. You're not going to walk a guy 700 times. That would be a record.”
 Joe Girardi - “Walks have hurt us in one-run losses. When you walk the lead-off man, there is a good chance that he will be in scoring position with one out.”
 Joe Girardi - “I just can't wait to watch him work. I can't think of anyone better to coach the infield.”
 Joe Girardi - “So far he's been everything as advertised. He's pitched well. He's been great in the clubhouse. I really appreciate the way he tries to lead and his work ethic. I'm not sure Matt knows that I watch so closely.”
 Joe Girardi - “It's fun to watch guys have progress. There's nothing better.”
 Joe Girardi - “I think guys will look up to Pokey. I know I like to watch him play. Guys will learn by watching him.”
 Joe Girardi - “What's enjoyable to watch is how hard they're playing. I'm proud of them.”
 Joe Girardi - “Watching our shortstops go to work was kind of fun to watch.”
 Joe Girardi - “I don't think his at-bats have changed a lot. Sometimes, you just don't get hits. The biggest thing is you keep your frustration level down, and he has seemed to work through that.”
 Joe Girardi - “It was important that our guys played the game right, and that's what they did. Wins are a byproduct of doing things right. I don't worry about wins, I worry about the process. And the process was pretty good.”
 Joe Girardi - “You worry it's a knee or an ankle, and fortunately he just got a little spike. He'll be fine.”
 Joe Girardi - “I don't worry about him defensively. I think you'll see a lot better defensive player in six weeks. They're all going to school right now.”
 Joe Girardi - “We move on. The first seven games obviously aren't what we want. It could have been better, it could have been worse.”

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