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 Joe Girardi - “I like his approach to the plate. It's conducive to a number two.”
 Joe Girardi - “ Management potential Joe Girardi , the Yankees' bench coach, recently passed up a chance to gain his first managerial experience. Girardi declined the job of leading the Italian team in the World Baseball Classic, the 16-nation tournament in March. It would have been a great opportunity, ... I just wish the timing was different. I don't think major league coaches can be part of this tournament because it could last the whole month of March, when we're in spring training.”
 Joe Girardi - “He's sore, he's going to miss some games anyway, so why push him.”
 Joe Girardi - “A lot of small-market teams don't want to rebuild completely, and what happens often is you don't ever get to the peak, and you stay in the middle. I don't want to stay in the middle. A lot of these kids will turn out to be great players.”
 Joe Girardi - “It would be hard to say you have an advantage over anyone. The idea of a manager is to get the most out of your players, and everyone does it differently. I'm just doing it the best way I know how. That doesn't give me an advantage over somebody else. This is just my method. It may not work for other guys.”
 Joe Girardi - “I kept a notebook on hitters, because I always concentrated on defense more than offense. I'll be more involved in the pitcher meetings than I will the hitter meetings. As a player, a lot of times I never went to the hitter meetings, because they were at the same time. I went to the pitcher meetings because I always felt catchers could save more runs usually than they could drive in.”
 Joe Girardi - “What's really enjoyable to watch is how hard they play. We talk about it every day and we have meetings about how hard we're playing.”
 Joe Girardi - “I just want him to be himself. Don't try to do too much -- because I'm not going to let you do too much -- because it's my job to make sure that he doesn't get away from what he does and who he is.”
 Joe Girardi - “The most important thing I learned from Joe was how important it is to know your players on and off the field, ... It's a long season and there's a lot of things that come up through the course of the season that can make it difficult to go out and have your entire mind on the game.”
 Joe Girardi - “I think they can make a big difference.”
 Joe Girardi - “They're going to make some mistakes. But you've got to cut out the mental errors.”
 Joe Girardi - “You just can't throw the ball away. You got to take what the game will give you and you can't make spectacular plays when there's nothing there. You have to know your base runners.”
 Joe Girardi - “It's something you don't want to become chronic. It doesn't make any sense to push it.”
 Joe Girardi - “It's a work in progress. It's slow, and we'll continue to try to make him better.”
 Joe Girardi - “He's a talented young man. You know what, he's going to make some mistakes.”
 Joe Girardi - “As a player, its youre job to play when called upon. As a coach, I believe its your job to teach and to make suggestions. But now you have to sort through all those suggestions. Its different.”
 Joe Girardi - “I thought he was going to make it the catch. It's a different game if he makes that catch. He laid out for it. That's all you can ask him to do. But he wasn't able to hold on to it. Then we make another mistake. We fall asleep, and the guy scores. That can't happen.”
 Joe Girardi - “I thought he threw better than the score indicated. We didn't make some plays behind him and that's when things happened.”
 Joe Girardi - “They're making it tough. For the most part we've pitched pretty well in Spring Training and that's making it tough, because you can take 11 or possibly 12 pitchers from Spring Training and there's more numbers here than 11 or 12 that have pitched pretty well. So we have some tough decisions to make. So, in another two weeks and three days, we'll see what happens.”
 Joe Girardi - “We're just being protective. He was OK to play today. But we're going to make sure that he is OK during the regular season. He will catch Saturday.”
 Joe Girardi - “I don't make much of pitching in spring training. We don't worry about it. We want to make sure he's healthy and gets in shape and then he'll be dialed in once it's time to start.”
 Joe Girardi - “Don't read too much into that. I wouldn't make too much out of that.”
 Joe Girardi - “You obviously have to be productive to be in the lineup every day. We want to make sure he is productive the entire year. It's tough to ask a guy to catch 120 games a year when he hasn't done it before. He's just not used to that, getting beaten up and fatigued.”
 Joe Girardi - “It's tough to ask a guy to catch 120 games a year when he's never done it before. We believe he'll be more productive if he doesn't catch six days a week.... We want to make sure he's productive the whole year.”
 Joe Girardi - “Every hitter has holes in his swing. Some holes are smaller than others. When pitchers figure Jacobs out, he will have to make the changes.”

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